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Subj: I agree...
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 09:09:35 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)
Reply Subj: if this is Doom, it's a pure case of jobbing
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    Bruce Banner is a physicist, or perhaps a biophysicist. He's not an engineer and he's never designed uber weapons. This like having Tony Stark invent a way to cure the Thing even though Richards has never been able to do it. Doom has all kinds of knowledge regarding force fiels, EMPs, and all the other standard tech that accompanies using sophisticated armor. No way should it just be shutdown like that. I wouldn't be happy if Reed did this. Perhaps because of his speicality I could see Stark doing it, but not given what we've seen in continuity. Doom is better than this.

I think having Banner shown as one of the big brains in Marvel is highly questionable. I know that alot of Hulk fans are loving this, and will point to the aliens taking Bruce as the smartest mind on Earth as precidence but he has never shown intellect on the scale of any of the big thinkers in Marvel, he just never has come close.

In his field of nuclear physics he truely might be without peer, I recall that Reed and some others have gone to him for his expertise in that area of gamma radiation before, but he is not, or at least has never been shown to have, the overall depth of knowledge that guys like Reed, Tony, Doom etc. have shown. I even think you can make a case for Pym being more clever overall than Bruce.

I am not sure what the trend of Hulk writters recently, but Pak created Cho who is apparently able to outsmart anyone. Intelligence is a great power if you are among the smartest people in the world but I do not recall anyone being able to pull some of these things off, even as smart as they are.

Bruce flat out would be out of his league against any of the big brains, Doom would crush him under his boots without question. Even guys like Tony and the like would not be able to just shut down Doom's armor that easily or I imagine that Reed or others would have had a Doom protocol a long time before now. At least I would imagine, they have them for bigger threats, although you would think they should have a Hulk one too, but that got ignored as well.

The Leader does not bother me as much. I think the character potentially should have supernatural intellect as per his mutation. That being said he has never done anything in particular that impressed me that much. Not sure what the push is right now for the Hulk side of the universe but it is getting a little annoying to me. I think they have their place, and it is good that some of them are getting more involved with the rest of the MU. I just think the writters seem more like fanboy fanfic writters than actual comic writters. All must suffer to show how great their characters at the moment are.

Nothing wrong with that for a bit, it is what you do when you introduce a new character, but there are limits.

Look Raist bunnies...
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