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    He was I think still weak after escaping his imprisonment as a Promethean giant and was seen draining planets dry for additional energy, he could manipulate and shut off The Source itself rendering Highfather impotent and we know that as one of the earliest New Gods he may well have been the most powerful. Other New Gods of a similar vintage were more uber than the Modern Gods and as i recall Orion himself had to face another escaped God in #14(?) of his series and managed to turn it away using the Anti-Life formula - they were seriously powerful...

So were the New gods a case of the lower the generational number the more powerful they were? First generation would be the most powerful with second being weaker and the third even weaker then that? Is that the impression I am getting?

    It's my guess they'd be pretty even up to a point if Galactus were full power. Hard to call who could win this, though if Khan was able to lock off access to The Source I might favor him to be able to do something similar to Galactus' power. Really can't say for sure but I lean to Khan very slightly for that reasoning.

One difference I would state is Galactus's powers tend to be internal Beings like Highfather who get their powers from the source strike me as being more external like Juggernaut. So while that would work on Highfather it would not work on Galactus.


      8. Odin (Marvel or DC or both)

    I think it not fair to say concerning DCs Odin as data is sketchy and contradictory, there was the suggestion Odin might be considerably powerful due to strong linkage to the Old Gods and it's hard to interperet what that might mean in practise but against Marvels Odin I would favor Khan strongly. The Silver age Odin would be a more direct match perhaps but the problem is he didn't have great stamina and rarely faced anyone on his own level, definitly not a Monster like Khan.

What is this supposed connection Earth Odin had to the Old gods you have mentioned?

    Khans sheer power was very well put across as he escaped his Asteroid imprisonment and that sort of power was more reminiscent of Surturs first appearance in Simonsons Run. A cut above Odins. And we know Odin really struggled against Surtur.

Surtur is a mixed bag. In his earliest appearences he comes across as powerful, but not on par with Odin. In Simonson's runs he appears to be a bit more powerful, but part of that is attributed his proximity of the Flame of Destruction and how it was time for Ragnarok. Later appearances have him about on par with Odin.


      6. Darkseid (not dead, without the "cannot-kill-your-parents" clause)

    I don't think the 'can't kill him cuz he's my Dad' aspect had much to do with it, clearly Khan was simply the more powerful. Just his approach drained Apokalips' energy and dimmed the firepits and he did in hours to New Genesis what Darkseid has been trying to do for countless millenia.... it's not a good match at all.

Agreed, didn't Yuga Khan tear through the defenses of both planets like they were wet paper. That I something I am not aware either Orion or Darkseid ever accomplishing.

    Given The Destroyer was never a match for Odin and Khans power goes beyond the physical I don't think he'd worry about this doomsday weopon...

In what ways was Khan's power beyond the physical?


      1. Mxyzptlk

    At a guess I'd say Khan if he was confronted, if the Imp strikes from the Blue then he may well autwin it. It's like The Spectre - you can take him if it's one sided ambush, otherwse he's able to resist and fight you off.

Why would Khan win? As far as I know the Imps are pretty much untouchable. Emperor Joker was able to take down all of the New gods with ease.


Yuga wasn't included in the takedown of the New gods by Emperor Joker - he was trapped in the Source Wall (again, the doofus).

Mxy, while seemingly omnipotent in some appearances, is not unstoppable. A no-sold his attacks in Bizarro Comics. Superman also knocked him out inadvertantly in the same book by hitting one of Steel's machines in his general direction (it hit him on the noggin).

While these characters aren't Mxy, Qwisp was punched out by Jakeem Thunder, there was a 5-D imp trapped in a 6-D bottle in Morrison's run of JLA, and the Thunderbolt was dismissed by the Spectre during Day of Vengeance.

In alternate stuff, Mxy was killed by the Phantom Zone Projector Pre-Crisis, Gog blasted a hole through him in The Kingdom, and the Ultimator of the Tenth Dimension was too powerful for any 5-D imps to defeat straight up.

In conclusion, Mxy may very well take down Yuga but a case could be made for the strongest New god ever.