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Subj: Putting aside the potential writer bias....
Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 at 12:17:49 am EST (Viewed 94 times)
Reply Subj: But the problem is, that for your analogy to work you would need Ironman to beat Hulk with a backhand
Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 at 10:30:59 pm EST (Viewed 104 times)

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Everytime you see Ironman KO Hulk they go out of their way to show the Underdog-ness of it. Now I would be happy with them showing Banner pulling out his TV remote, and give atleast some lip service to the idea that he's competing with an equal.

The casual dismissal, is the problem. "You can't beat me with your machines i'm smarter than that" That isn't a compitition between equals its one party showing contempt for the other parties capability. . . Sure we can play it off as just in character talk, but if the writer wanted to be respectful, and not just stroking his current character fetish, he could have done better.

I don't think this is the equivalent of a backhand. Sure, Banner's smack-talking makes it appear more casual than it is. And if Pak wanted to show more respect for Doom, I agree there could have been some attempt to show how much effort went into it. That would have mitigated the sense that he shares Banner's contempt for Doom's capabilities.
However, in terms of what actually happened, it doesn't seem much like pwnage. The anti-tech fields were Banner's best defense against tech-based foes. The act of turning them on with a remote makes it look casual and therefore kind of humiliating but it's just the way he activates it. Doom's über-smart; I think an overwhelming number of folks would agree even smarter than Banner, but awesome as his standard armor is, I don't have an issue with Bruce being able to shut it down with his anti-tech devices. Once, anyway. \:\)
Besides, it appears from his dialogue that Doom wasn't even expecting Banner, which means that even if he'd kept tabs on Banner's current arsenal, he likely brought nothing to offset it. AND the Leader's trojan horse was working away at Doom's IQ since he absorbed the Cosmic Hulk Robot's power. It took awhile to take full effect, but there's nothing to say it didn't hamper him some right off the bat. Perhaps without that in play he could have outflanked Banner's attempts even on-the-fly.
It reminds me a lot of the Thor/Superman fight in JLA/Avengers. In reality, nothing too embarrassing occurred; there was a knock down drag-out between two of the very toughest heroes in any comic universe, and one if them won with a pretty serious effort. No guarantee it would go the same way a second time. But it was a little galling to watch because it was augmented by some serious s*#@-talking by the usually reserved Superman* ("small god of a small world", "dials go to 11"). It's harder to watch when a character that should be more or less an equal if not more more gets crap-talked and THEN beat down. It makes it look like a hatchet-job by the writer (and I should amend that by saying that I am a fan of both Pak and Busiek).
But in both cases, I think, there's no shame in the takedown occurring the way it did.

* I know that Supes was SUPPOSED to be acting out of character in JLA/Avengers. And it seems deliberate as well that Bruce Banner is acting different lately in the pages of Incredible Hulk. But as both characters are not so known for being cocky and dismissive, it adds to the feel of the other character being disrespected.

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