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The prime example was the Skrull throne-world, which Galactus devoured without the use of his elemental converter. 

The elemental converter is akin to a fork for Galactus, nice to have but completely unnecessary for eating.    

The usual presentation (and i accept there will be variations) is that if he uses the convertor the planet is thoroughly drained of its energy but the lifeforms are left alive. This happened to Zenn-La in the early 80s Silver Surfer one-shot for example and in Marvel-two-in-one #100.
If he forgoes to convertor then it gets very destructive and messy as he has to physically shatter the planet to get the best out of it, there are variations on this but that was the general rule.

Yuga Khan used an all but identical ethic but unlike Galactus he needed no machinery, he just drained the planets he passed dry.