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Subj: Since Gamma rays are the highest form of energy in the real world, Hulk is destined to be a higher being in comics. Makes sense to me. LMAO!!!
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 06:23:54 pm EST (Viewed 70 times)
Reply Subj: Pak's Hulk=Cosmic Force?
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 03:20:51 pm EST (Viewed 102 times)

    I saw this posted on another board:


    Van Lente: There is a major confrontation between Hulk and somebody you never expected coming up immediately after the last issue of Chaos War.

    Pak: Right. This is big. You know, this is one of those ones that people ask for but you don't think you will ever see.

    Nrama: People on our forums are also asking where are the rest of the Hulk family, since only Banner Hulk seems to be around after this.

    Pak: People ask why are there so many damn Hulks now. Then they worry when they are gone!

    Van Lente: How many are there now? Six? Seven?

    Pak: Do you count A-Bomb? Anyway, the proliferation of Hulks is not random. There is a power, a force, a force that has existed since Mikaboshi was the void at the beginning of everything. We will see this in Chaos War. Alongside the Phoenix Force and other primal forces at the beginning of time there was a sort of Primal Hulk Force. That is what all Hulks share and we will see how it resulted in more Hulks appearing seemingly at random over time. Where does all the Hulk's near-limitless power come from? All that extra mass? Well, the Primal
    Hulk Force kind of empowers Hulks, that's what is does and what it has done since the beginning - a spark of it here, a spark of it there. Its power is beyond men and beyond even the Gods of the Pantheons. It is a fundamental part of the universe. So what happens when there is no longer a Hulk family? All the power that was drawn down to earth in all those other Hulks has to go
    somewhere - or to someone. And I don't care if you are Abomination, Thor, or Zeus himself, you don't want to be on the wrong side of the guy who ends up with it!

    Van Lente: Greg - are you writing a comic or starting a religion here? [Laughs.]

    Not 100% sure this is legit (Because the link given with it was broken) but if this is real, I'm just at a loss for words because this legit sounds like a raving fanboy giving an interview and not a writer. It just seems silly.

He's... A Misunderstood MONSTER! An INCREDIBLE force! He's ASTONISHING! That's why you don't comprehend him! And because of his...RAMPAGING, the Hater will not tolerate him SAVAGE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, nor his being IMMORTAL!!!
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