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Subj: Did you not read the part I said about loving Hulk and the reasons why? and you sure you want to quote Stan Lee?......
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 08:07:45 pm EST (Viewed 16 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Well i'm not nor ever will be a Thor fan who uses the god factor as an excuse.....
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 07:38:03 pm EST (Viewed 94 times)

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    I just think its soo ridiculous to make an already ridiculously powerful character I.E Thor, Hulk, Superman and make them more powerful than they were originaly concieved! Its fanboy ridiculousness! Why do they need to be more powerful? I LOVE THE HULK BECAUSE, I believe the Reason he is the strongest is because he was abused as a child, soo he takes all that hurt, that pain and he becomes a creature who will not take that kind of punishment ever again! It goes with his history! I could careless if Hulk can get Stronger than Thor, because its in his powers to do so! But Thor has other means to defeat him! Some hulk fans just want him to be unstoppable thats pathetic! Dont you want to see him struggle? THOR fans love Thor because even though he is extremely powerful he faces threats that dwarf his own might! HULK should not get Stronger than a skyfather at all! I mean that should be his limit! And that should'nt be concidered a bad thing either! But all this bull of Hulk factor and what not is just a bunch of crap! HULK does'nt need a power up! He's fine the way he is! Or was! THOR should be The most Powerful Hero and Hulk should be the Strongest! There is nothing wrong with this matter of thinking! Grow up and accept things! Everybody can be beat! Theres nothing wrong with that! Sheeeesh

The original creator of the Hulk, Stan Lee, was the one that coined the phrase,"the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets and there's no end to Hulk's anger!", so blame it on him.

The Hulk is no more powerful than the history and logistics of the way his power dictates him to be, plays out. Stan Lee, again, was the writer that made it clear that if Hulk was struck with gamma rays or cosmic rays, it would increase his base level strength. So blame it on him.

It's only fanboy ridiculousness, when you can't stand the character. In truth there is nothing remotely different about how the characters abilities work.

As far as being unstoppable, Hulk has been coined "A Force of Nature" by his creator Stan Lee. A phrase basically meaning something 'unstoppable'. This is why you see me state many times that Hulk is not the ordinary run of the mill Superhero. He's not in that category. He's not like them. He's a MONSTER and a BEAST. Hulk's struggle is internal as well as external. He's, more than any other character, his own worst enemy. People who complained about Hulk kicking everyone's a$$ in WWH totally missed the point of one of the most intriguing aspects of Hulk...that even when he wins...he seems to lose. Even in the past when he found a friend, they would end up dying leaving him alone. Hulk's story really is not about winning battles, it's about finding peace and contentment, that's where his drama lies.

Hulk has no limit. He'll get as strong as he gets angry or as strong as his foes are powerful...if he doesn't get knocked out first...before he reaches that state. To me Sky-fathers only have more wisdom in how to manipulate energy or just having a basic knowledge of what exists, makes them better informed than other beings, whether because of age or what have you.

Look, if a being is said to have no known limit to his much more powerful than that can you get?!!!

You Want to Quote Stan lee but you probly ignore the Fact that Stan Lee Created Thor to be one up on Hulk right? And has been video taped as saying such! Also he has said multiple Times That Thor is Marvels most Powerful Hero! There is proof of this! FACT IS THOR VS HULK IS THE WRITERS CHOICE! Because both can concievably beat the other and within reason! Let me ask you a question, do you believe that Thor can defeat Hulk under normal conditions? Because I feel that Hulk can beat Thor if writen correctly. I just want to figure out just how much biasness you have or if even you do!

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