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    You Want to Quote Stan lee but you probly ignore the Fact that Stan Lee Created Thor to be one up on Hulk right? And has been video taped as saying such! Also he has said multiple Times That Thor is Marvels most Powerful Hero! There is proof of this! FACT IS THOR VS HULK IS THE WRITERS CHOICE! Because both can concievably beat the other and within reason! Let me ask you a question, do you believe that Thor can defeat Hulk under normal conditions? Because I feel that Hulk can beat Thor if writen correctly. I just want to figure out just how much biasness you have or if even you do!

Stan has also wrote numerous issues stating Hulk is the strongest one there is. I've never seen him write such of Thor in a printed comic. He also wrote Thor and never made such the claim. I read and heard what you've mentioned above too, but what's peculiar about that is Stan had Hulk clearly smash Thor, in Thor #385, right. Go figure.

You can read any Hulk versus Thor thread that I've participated in, going back to when I posted under the name Lord Smash'emall and you'll see that I see Thor as Hulk's peer in over all power, but not a match up in pure strength.

You however will not get the pleasure of knowing who I am or was at this board! Once again Stan Lee Has quoted he created Thor to be Greater the Hulk The next step! THOR VOL 2 #6 STANS SOAP BOX! Stan lee is asked who is the most Powerful hero he joked and said the person who pays our checks or something, and than he says if he had to say he would put his money on Thor! STAN LEE wrote #385 and did show that Thor could'nt defeat Hulk by physical means! But would get pummled to hell of Thor used the hammer! He also showed no matter how much Hulk grew Stronger than Thor, that Thor would'nt go down or give up! That was more a victory for Thor than anything because Thor faught on Hulks level Without mjolnir! Poor misguided fan boy! Did you not read what I said when I said that Hulk is the Strongest one there is? Because he cant be beat physicly because he was abused and he will never take abuse again so he becomes stronger than the person physicly beating him! So why are you trying to force feed me this crap about him being the Strongest when I agree that he is! BUT THOR IS MORE POWERFUL! Stan did'nt write that fight showing Thor using the hammer to the fullest or blasting hulk! He wrote a brawl! The best Thor vs Hulk fight ever in my opinion! It showed that Hulk is no match for Thor with Mjolnir! And Showed that Hulk cant be beat physicly by a being as Strong as even Thor! But also Showed that it takes alot more than what hulk could dish out at heightened rage levels! Take that as you will! That fight was a great showing for both of them!

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