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Subj: Well its good to know you were able to get worse!......
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 11:44:30 pm EST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: I was agreeing with you in my own way and at the same time telling you how I believe Thor could win. What didn't you get.
Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 at 11:08:52 pm EST (Viewed 74 times)

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    Have you even read what i've been writing? Good grief! I already said that nobody can beat Hulk physicly because of the fact that he was abused as a child so he uses that rage to make sure he will never get beat like that again! I'm perfectly fine with hulk being stronger than Thor! But Thor is Strong enough to last long enough to make one epic fight out of it! But with the Hammer the balls in Thor's court! He brings far more than Hulk should be able to deal with! Stan Showed this! But he did'nt show what would happen if Thor used his EP! Any way just be satisfied that Thor cant beat Hulk physicly without his hammer! Also it takes alot more than an agrier than ever and strongest at that time Hulk to ko Thor! He did'nt ko Thor! I posted my thoughts about this fight on the Thor board by mistake check it out! As far as who I was I wont say, because I'm a changed man and a more respectable poster. But i've been around since about 97 thats all you need know.

I was only showing you proof from the comics to prove my points, as proof is what's lacking so far from you. You have shown me NOTHING, from a comic to prove your point. Again, it has not been shown...EVER that Thor has more than Hulk can deal with. In the battle that you speak of Thor was getting in good blows until Hulk challenged him and told Thor pretty much that the hammer was the only reason he could deal with the Hulk at all. It proved to be true. Not saying he can't win with the hammer, but other than the 2000 Hulk Annual, there's not much to go from and nothing from Stan Lee at all.

EP power is not an auto win as WWH was beaten pretty good by Strange-Zom and still in the fight. And Strange-Zom is a whole different level of whoop A$$. That's why I stated above that BFR was his best chance at winning.

In Hulk #300, a caption read "Thor not holding back" struck the Hulk full force, Hulk continued to fight, again in TIH #440 Thor and Hulk were not holding back as Hulk got the best of that exchange.

All I asked was to give me something to prove your point. I'll check out the Thor Board for your post.

And who said you were respectable?!? LMAO. ;\-\) As for me, I just got worse. LOL>

LOOK bro i'm tired of this debate its been beaten to Death and nobody will ever agree! The winner is whoever the Writer chooses. And Thor Could beat Hulk without Mjolnir but he'd have to do it fast and creative or theres no hope. But I know he could! Using the same power he used on Durok. But whatever. I dont need to show you proof because it will only lead to more back and forth feats. Lets just agree to disagree. I KNOW THOR COULD BEAT HULK AND VISA VERSA! And i'm content with that.

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