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Subj: Re: Well i'm not nor ever will be a Thor fan who uses the god factor as an excuse.....
Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 at 03:50:15 pm EST (Viewed 67 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Well i'm not nor ever will be a Thor fan who uses the god factor as an excuse.....
Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 at 12:46:22 pm EST (Viewed 6 times)

    Cool. Thanks for responding!

So are you, so why wouldn't I.

    "Strength and power are really nothing more than expressions of force, and are shown in different ways. Some characters can only use that force physically and others, mentally and still others use different types of energy blasts. How much 'strength' or 'power' there is being said force is what counts. Just because someone can shoot out beams of pure energy, it does not necessarily make them more powerful or the energy beam stronger than a physical blow. "

    I think strength is more a subset of power. Power is being able to do something in a myriad of ways, or being able to exert a desired affect without having physical contact.

Not by the truest definition of the word. Power means the ability or capacity to perform an act effectively. How said act is performed may vary, but whosoever method accomplishes an act in the shortest amount of time can be said to be stronger, because their force was greater.

    Hindsight is more powerful than the gamma force. (heh) I guess what I was going for with the frankenstein reference is I like the ugly, brutish character that you can really feel for. I dunno, I don't really feel bad for the Hulk. Sure, Bruce had it tough, but no worse than some poor kid from a third world country. The hulk can pretty much do anything. He's almost too "powerful" to feel bad for, if that makes sense...

I disagree. Suffering is bad on any level, but being mentally scarred has a greater affect than physical suffering as hose cars can't be fixed or go away as easy.

Just because the Hulk can beat up on most anyone, it does not make his life any easier. Most people fear him, to the point he's surprised when someone is trying to be a sincere friend to him. He's constantly hounded, even when he's trying to keep a low profile, that's no way to enjoy life.

    Yeah, he's been fighting cosmics for a long time. It's hard to find a rogues gallery for something that tough on earth, but I liked the idea that he was basically an earth born/bred creature. I don't like cosmic hulk. (This is really opinionated though... it's like that friday the 13th movie, Jason X, Jason in Space! Seems lame to me.)

Again, he has had just as many space adventures as he has had terrestrial ones. It's what he does. Nothing new here. He's fought Xeron, Galaxy Master, Shaper of Worlds, The Sagitarians, Skrulls...etc, you name them.

    "Please enlighten me?"

    IMHO skyfathers are the top of their pantheon, imbued with the collective "godforce" of that pantheon in addition to their own innate godly powers. Their wisdom of how to use this power, while helpful, isn't THAT much of a factor. The "godforce" makes them uber.

What is this "godforce" you speak of? In the Official Handbooks, they suggest the the 'gods' manipulate cosmic and magical energies.

    Example 1: Look at herc. Not the sharpest tac. He's made arguable the peak skyfather, and now is able to stop time, as well as imbue a portion of his powers into other ppl.
    Example 2: could be way back when Odin gave a portion of his Odinpower to heimdall. Thor through his hammer at the recently powered up heimdall and it bounced off him, which resulted in heimdall saying something along the lines of "You're power pales before mine". This is after only recently being given the power.

    Basically, if you watch DBZ, skyfather power is like going from a regular saiyan to a Super saiyan 3. It's just a lot more power going through you. That's a simplified way of how I look at it, anyways.

I don't know about that, but I won't argue.

    "Please explain how Hulk is a smarter Doomsday."

    Again, I must tap into the power of hindsight and say what I meant... it seems to me, the way he's currently being written, the hulk can pretty much adapt to anything, heal instantly (though I guess his throat was cut last ish... didn't read), and do whatever. Clearly he preceded doomsday, I was only refering to his adaption and healing factor.

But Hulk hasn't acquired any new abilities, he's had all of them before Doomsday was even a thought. Doomsday's adapting ability, is no more than Hulk's increasing strength and resitance when he is highly angered.

    Maybe I have a grudge against hulk on some level since Thor's been my favorite character for quite awhile. Though Commissioner Gordon is slowly creeping up there. He's just a good guy.

We all do. It comes with the territory of having a favorite character.

He's... A Misunderstood MONSTER! An INCREDIBLE force! He's ASTONISHING! That's why you don't comprehend him! And because of his...RAMPAGING, the Hater will not tolerate him SAVAGE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, nor his being IMMORTAL!!!
Watch out for that Gamma-Burst ...The WORLD BREAKER!!! "Only the Hulk could have attempted it! Only the Hulk would have been capable of it! Only the Hulk could have done it!"- Tales To Astonish #063 "There is no way to measure his strength! There is nothing he cannot do!"- Tales To Astonish #073 "That something -- anything -- could grab hold of an energy field should be IMPOSSIBLE! But the Hulk grabs hold just the same!"- The Incredible Hulk #242 Gamma Ra the Assassin aka Lord Smash'emall - Faithful Member of The Church of Hulk
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