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Subj: BTW, no offense meant by the missing gif...
Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 12:27:52 am EST (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: So, Hulk versus foes that Thor is generally dominated by, and Thor versus foes Hulk either dominates or fights evenly?
Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 at 12:24:25 am EST (Viewed 10 times)

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Sounds fair.


Let's give it a whirl anyway.


    Thor with little or no trouble. All I need to say is mjolnir! Hulk and Thor always hang toe to toe but God forbid Thor ever use exotic attacks the way he does with much more powerful adversaries.

Or that the Hulk's strength increase exponentially as it seems to when not fighting other popular top tier heroes.

Hulk vs..
1. Mangog

Hulk will smash.

2. Surter

Hulk will smash.

3. Midgard Serpent

Hulk will smash.

4. Desak

Hulk will smash.

5. Destroyer

Hulk will smash.

6. Ego

Hulk will smash.

    Thor vs..
    1. Bommy
    2. Leader
    3. Thing
    4. Rhino
    5. Doc Samson

I bet Thor wins all these as well.

    Please, even though Thor isnt as popular in terms of general audience, his character is much more dynamic in so many ways except for the most important...fanboyism!!

That's really subjective. Even though they are fictional characters, I'd say it's easier to debate their fictional physical stats than to debate which character's better. I'm not a believer that popular acclaim equals superiority. But it is harder to prove your point that Thor is better character when in the same breath you point out that the Hulk is more popular. I really like both characters, they are my two favorite characters in comics. I do like the Hulk a bit better, but obviously I can see what the appeal of Thor is - heroics, nobility, stories that are mythic/cosmic in scope, among other things.
I think a pretty good case can be made for why the Hulk is a character more people relate to (though, incidentally, I don't think there's a very wide gap in popularity between the two characters). He represents a lot of our own inner struggles, the duality of human nature, makes us question which parts of our selves are to be embraced and which we might need to improve upon. The character of the Hulk does what so many good characters do in fiction, he holds a mirror up to us. But the same could be said of Thor, in perhaps a less obvious fashion. That's really a personal choice. And as far as fanboys go - all characters have 'em, if the characters are any good (and sometimes even if they're not). Hulk and Thor have more rabid fanboys than a lot of characters do. I'm a fanboy and admit it freely. From the tone of your post, I'd guess you are, too. Nothing wrong with that! But if you see the fanboys on the other side of the fence and don't see yourself as one, too, I think you might be kidding yourself.

I dragged and dropped instead of just inserting (first oops) for the emoticon I wanted. So instead of the emoticon, the link to the emoticon is there, including the name of the emoticon which is "get lost". I picked it for the expression, not the name sounds much worse and it's not what I meant.

I would've just edited it out, but I wasn't logged in (second oops!), so sorry about that - NOT the message I was going for!

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