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Subj: Fight 7: Incriptus versus Tongan Giant
Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 at 02:24:00 pm EST (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: LGDB Back to Basics Team Tourney Round 1 - Fights 7 & 8
Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 at 02:16:01 pm EST (Viewed 176 times)

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Here are the last fights in Round 1.  Again thanks for participating, and remember if you haven't voted for the previous bouts of the first round (YOU SHOULD), you can vote anytime up until the very end of the last match. 
Sunday - Fight 1


the Overachievers!

Captain America (Steve Rogers) - meta [EM]
Batman (Bruce Wayne) - street [EM]
Deathstroke - EM
Hawkman - PM
Squirrel Girl - PM

bonus - 2 days prep/training

VERSUS - Battlefield - Swiss Alps -

link -


Heroic Kids!

Magni, no Mjolnir - PM
Genis-Vell, no cosmic awareness - PM
Havok - EM
Stature - EM
Rachael Summers, no Phoenix Force - EM

bonus - 2 days prep/training

Sunday - Fight 2


The Elements of Life!

Exiles Namora (Absorbs water into Power)- prime meta
Aquaman w/ water hand (Controls water) - prime meta
Tempest(DC)(Controls Water) - enhanced meta
Storm (create water) - enhanced meta
Kisame(Naruto)(Create and controls water)-enhanced meta

bonus - 6 hour battlefield prep

VERSUS - Battlefield - Themyscira


Her Majesty's Secret Superheroes
Hermione Granger, EM
Lionheart (Kelsey Leigh Kirkland), EM
Mina Harker, EM, League of Extraordianry Gentlemen
Jason Blood (Etrigan), PM
Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), PM

bonus - 2 days prep/training


Monday Fight 3

Surly Rockbottom

the Superlatives!

Mr. Terrific - meta [EM]
Mr. Incredible - enhanced meta
Prince of Orphans (Green Mist Amazing Man) - enhanced meta
Amazing Man (Markus Clay) - PM
Super-boy (Conner) - PM

bonus- Radiotelepathy

VERSUS - Battlefield - Carlsbad Caverns

Amor Fati

Rising Son!

PM – Toyo Harada
PM – AOA Sunfire
EM – Gorgon
EM – Fuji
EM – Jolt

bonus - list of enemy names

Monday - Fight 4


Heroes of WW2!

Jenny Sparks - PM
Namor, the Sub Mariner -PM
Golden Age Wonder Woman - EM
Human Torch (Jim Hammond) - EM
Spitfire (Vampiric version) - EM

bonus - 6 hr battlefield prep

VERSUS - Battlefield -
Cloud City


Team Skin to Win!

Incredible Hercules (Marvel) - prime meta
Moondragon (Marvel) - prime meta
Gamora (Marvel) - enhanced meta
Starfire (DC) - enhanced meta
Psylocke (Marvel) - enhanced meta

bonus - 6 hr battlefield prep


Tuesday Fight 5

Dark Marvel

the Children of Heroes!

EM-Cable w/TO Virus

bonus - 6 hr battlefield prep

VERSUS - Battlefield - Desert planet of Tatooine

Photon (Photons) -
PM: Lightray (Light) -
EM: X-Ray (X Rays) -
Gammid (Ultraviolet) -
EM: Galvan (Infrared) -

bonus - 2 days prep training

Tuesday Fight 6

Joe Fixit
Classic Magneto (PM) [no blood tricks]
Ultimate Colossus (PM)
Magneta(EM) MC2 Universe [no blood tricks]
Polaris(EM) [no blood tricks]

bonus - 2 days prep/training

VERSUS - Battlefield - Alaskan Taiga

the Nephilim

PM- Pitt
PM- Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze)
EM- Shiver Man
EM- Straw Man(Scarecrow)
EM- Venom(Brock)


Wednesday Fight 7

Born to the Future!

EM: Spiderman 2099
EM: Booster Gold
EM: Major Victory
PM: Batman 1,000,000
PM: Karate Kid

Bonus - list of enemy names

VERSUS - Battlefield - City of Asgard (Current Ruins)

Tongan Giant

The Fantastic 15!

Wolverine - enhanced meta
Spider-man - enhanced meta
Human Torch - enhanced meta
Ghost Rider - Prime Meta
Professor Hulk - Prime Meta

bonus - Radiotelepathy

Wednesday Fight 8


Those Who Came From Beyond the Grave!
Super Angel - prime meta
Gentleman Ghost - prime meta
Deadgirl - enhanced meta
Deathlok (Collins) - enhaned meta
Dr. Druid - enhanced meta

bonus - 2 days prep/training

VERSUS - Battlefield - African Serengeti Plains


the Evil Blondes

PM; Empress Hydra (Sue Storm from Eart 1720)
PM: Amora the Enchantress
EM: Lady Mastermind
EM: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
EM: Medusa Gorgon

bonus - 6 hr battlefield prep



Each team will be composed of 2 Prime Metas and 3 Enhanced Metas.

A few banned powers:

-reality or time manipulation
-power stealing or absorbing
-And finally, no loopholes that exploit 2 or more characters that come
together and create one uber character (uber being defined as anything
that reaches teambuster level)

All characters will act in character i.e. as they would from the period they are taken from comics.

Battlefield choice will be randomly selected and different for every bout.

Theme Teams - Everyplayer will draft two theme possibilities, which I
will approve. When you draft your team if it's in fitting with one of
the approved teams you get your bonus.

Bonus - Theme teams will get to choose from 2 days prep/training time
-OR- a list of enemy names -OR- Radiotelepathy -OR- 6 hours battlefield


2 days prep/training time - Your character's get two
days together assembled in the X-men's Dangerroom.  They can use this
time to get aquainted with one another, develop basic battle drills and
manuevers, and leaders can use this period to learn the capabilities of
their subordinates and inspire confindence.  They may NOT
create anything in the vein of inventions or prepatory magical spells
i.e. mages cannot enchant fellow teammembers during this period.  This
will be invaluable if you have a team of characters with dramatically
different or esoteric power types.  If for instance one of your
characters uses radiation and another character on the team has
radiation weaknesses, it will certainly behoove the latter character
that the former character know not to unleash untold amounts of
radioactive energy. 
A list of enemy names (and on hour to study the list) -
This one's fairly self explanatory.  Your team gets a list of the names
of your opponents, but no furhter description.  Of course this will
only come in handy if your characters would be familiar with those on
the list.   If all your character are DC, there will be no reason to
assume they'll be familiar with Marvel or Image character.  However, I
will allow the JLAvenger crossover as admissable.  I
see this as particularly valuable if you've got a team that mixes
characters from several universes and/or have members that are walking
databases like Tony Stark, Batman, Nick Fury,  etc.
- This is a concept I borrowed from the
Authority.  Essentially, radiotelepathy is a series of  nano devices
that are applied to each member of your team; the devices allow each
member to hear the thoughts and telepathically speak to each other team
member.  This allows for obviously increased synthesis of
team coordination and organization, especially if you have a strong
leader on your team.  He or she can direct the team without having to
worry about loud noises or confusion on the battlefield.  Special note:
unlike the Authority's radiotelepathy, mine is infused with tournament
host magic: it cannot be tampered with by any means, be it magical,
telapathic, or technological.  Your individual characters can still be
affected, attacked, or controlled mentally and emotionally, but their
link with others cannot be severed.  Nor can radiotelepathy be used by
enemies as a network i.e. a way of connecting your entire team for the
purposes of controlling or mentally attacking all of them.
6 hours battlefield prep - This is also fairly self
explanatory.  Your team arrives at the battle site 6 hours early and can
use this time to their advantage.  This would be especially
advantageous to characters with high levels of environmental control,
allowing them to conform elements of the landscape such that their enemy
arrives in a place less conducive to the enemy team's survival or more
conducive to  their teams.  Or, if you, for instance, have the kind of
characters that can pull technology out of their ass (like Stonecutter
for example) you can use that time to set up all kinds of booby traps
like mines that only detonate on the other team or sentry guns.  Special
Note: I ask that anyone using this bonus say a little something about
how they would specifically "rig" the battlefield.  Unfortunately, if
two players have this bonus, neither of them are afforded any advantage.


1. Knowwhere
2. Galapagos Islands
3. Water World floating city
4. JLA Watchtower
5. Thymeschra
6. City of Asgard
7. Astroid M [orbiting Earth]
8. Blue Area of the Moon
9. Downtown Marvel Manhattan
10. Wakandan Jungle
11. Limbo
12. War World
13. Genosha
14. Apokolips
15. Grand Canyon
16. Ice World Hoth
17. The Gobi Desert
18. Swiss Alps
19. Pandoran Floating Mountains
20. Downtown Gotham City
21. Avenger’s Hydrobase
22. Avalon
23. The Savage Land
24. Utopia [X-men Island]
25. African Serengeti Planes
26. Downtown Metropolis
27. Mephisto’s Realm
28. Oa
29. Watchtower - JLA satellite
30. Volcanic planet of Mustafar
31. Dagobah Swamp
32. Carlsbad Caverns
33. madripoor
34. Broxton, Oklahoma
35. Morlock Tunnels
36. muir island
37. Desert planet of Tatooine
38. the Himalayas
39. Wundagore Mountain
40. Thanagar
41. The Deathstar
42. Sakaar
43. Mojoverse
44. Bizarro World
45. Gorilla City
46. Slaughter Swamp
47. Cloud City
48. Nanda Parbat
49. K’un L’un
50. Alaskan Taiga

No battlefield will be used more than once.

Born to the Future!

EM: Spiderman 2099
EM: Booster Gold
EM: Major Victory
PM: Batman 1,000,000
PM: Karate Kid

Bonus - list of enemy names

VERSUS - Battlefield - City of Asgard (Current Ruins)

Tongan Giant

The Fantastic 15!

Wolverine - enhanced meta
Spider-man - enhanced meta
Human Torch - enhanced meta
Ghost Rider - Prime Meta
Professor Hulk - Prime Meta

bonus - Radiotelepathy