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Subj: Write-up
Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 at 12:08:51 am EST (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Fight 8: xero versus DCR
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Those Who Came From Beyond the Grave!
Super Angel - prime meta
Gentleman Ghost - prime meta
Deadgirl - enhanced meta
Deathlok (Collins) - enhaned meta
Dr. Druid - enhanced meta

bonus - 2 days prep/training

VERSUS - Battlefield - African Serengeti Plains


the Evil Blondes

PM; Empress Hydra (Sue Storm from Eart 1720)
PM: Amora the Enchantress
EM: Lady Mastermind
EM: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
EM: Medusa Gorgon

bonus - 6 hr battlefield prep

Quick team overview: The members of my team have all worked as cooperative members of teams before.  Yes, Gentlemen Ghost is a villian but he's also a gentlemen   He's been a member of several teams over the years, and has occasionally teamed-up with his enemies.  Furthermore, he has no quarrel with anyone on his new team, they are all strangers.  My team is extremely durable, and will be very difficult to put down.  Both Deadgirl and Ghost can become intagible, and Angel can fly.  My team won't scare either, they're already dead.

Prep: The team may have initial misgivings with one another, but because of their similar natures and experience with being on teams, I think they will overcome any differences quickly.  This advantage helps my team immensely; because my team does not tire.  They can spend basically two full days getting used to each other's powers and preparing to fight. 

Oppents: I can't see DCR's team playing well with each other.  They are all arrogant, and most are used to either not working with others or being in charge.  I don't think anyone on his team will except taking direction from anyone else, which means that the 6 hrs. of prep time will likely be wasted with arguments. 

Battle: My team presents a unified front, whereas dcr's team attacks seperately.  Deadgirl recognizes the undead nature of Evangeline and attacks her.  Unfortunetly for Evangeline, Dead Girl's power allows her to control dead tissue.  Evangeline's either out or is occupied.  Druid's magic temorarily counteracts Amora's, as Hydra attacks with her force fields.  This dosen't hinder Gentleman Ghost, however, who passes through her shields and blasts her with spectral energy.  Amora manages to outdo Druid.  Lady Masterminds illisions don't seem to have much effect against Deathlock, who has computer senses that see past the illusion.  He blasts her out for the fight.  Medusa has her hands full with the physically superior Angel.  Amora manages to kill Deathlock.  Deadgirl finally kills Evangeline.  Ghost and Angel kill Medusa.  Amora has her hands full with Angel, and dosen't sense an incoporeal Ghost until its too late.  Team Undead takes it.