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The Born to the Future team gets some benefit from Spidey 2099 knowing the enemies names. He'll have an understanding of them from the lore of his time - it's not perfect, but it's something. Major Victory, too, will have some benefit here.
The Fantastic 15, even with their radiotelepathy, stretches my credulity as to how well they'll work together. There are no really strong leaders on the team and a lot of loners. Functioning in the ruins of Asgard, however, may just work out to their advantage. Since all of them are likely to run off and do their own thing, the radiotelepathy will at least keep them somewhat coordinated.
It's basically that enemy names bonus that starts to move things in a certain direction, though.
When Miguel and Vance know who they're up against they'll choose their opponents and strategies wisely.
Vance is likely to take charge (and the fact that he knows the enemy will make others more likely to defer). Knowing that this team is not likely to be attacking as a team, the Future Born stay together - back to back - and wait for the inevitable attacks from the ruins around them.
The Human Torch is most likely to lead the charge for the Fantastic 15, as he'll assume that he is de facto leader due to his experience and cache as an original member. When he surrounds the Future Born with fire and starts the fireball barrage, Vance can use his telekinesis to whip up the ruins and trap Johnny in a cyclone while Booster keeps he and his team safe within a force field. Vance can keep the telekinetic whip up going on around them to act as another barrier.
The Fantastic 15 will no doubt come out of the woodwork by now and attack with all of their might against Booster's force field (all the while dodging flying debris). Prof Hulk will likely groundstrike the team to shake them out of their protection, and even though this does work, it only serves to release a three-pronged attack against an opposing team who is struggling in a flying debris field.
Batman 1 Million has a fireproof suit, and knows it, so he'll fly into the fray against Johnny. After his initial barrage from Vance, Johnny will be a few well placed blows away from unconsciousness. This will allow Vance to focus elsewhere, enemy knowledge and his own bravery will have him choose to tackle Hulk. With Cap's shield and some telekinetics he'll be able to withstand Prof Hulk's blows (for a time).
Wolverine is likely to get in at his foes first, and when he does he'll meet Karate Kid. Val will have an answer for nearly every move that Logan makes and these two will stalemate for a time.
As the two Spidey's square off and begin their dance, Ghost Rider will get a chain around Booster's neck tout de suite, and then get a couple of great pieces of Asgardian architecture colliding into him from either side. A little molecular fusion and Ghost Rider is stopped for a time. This allows Booster to strengthen Vance against Prof Hulk to the point that he is standing against the Hulk's blows. Once Batman 1 Million is finished with Johnny, he can pressure point (martial arts knowledge combined with enchanced strength from the Bat-Suit) the very distracted Hulk.
Ghost Rider is soon to break out of his impromptu confinement, but he's a little ragged for it, and Prof Hulk won't be on his knees from a pressure point attack for long. Once Wolverine goes berserk he may start to have Karate Kid on the ropes. Val should have his opponents measure by now, however, and be able to stun Logan with a well-placed hit.
If Miguel is losing, Spider-Man can now be taken out by a combination of 853rd century batarangs, a telekinetic push, and a Booster Gold force field crush.
Now its a ragged Ghost Rider, Prof Hulk, and Wolverine against the entire Future Born team. Web up the Hulk, telekinetically push Booster toward the Hulk (who is already flying and pushing a force field in front of himself), and explode a few batarangs in Hulk's face, and this should sufficiently drop the Professor. When Ghost Rider attacks with his Hellfire and his chain in the meantime, Vance can protect with the Shield and Karate Kid can drop kick the Spirit of Vengeance to his knees.
Have Booster carry the Hulk into the stratosphere and throw him a good distance, then its the Future Born vs. Ghost Rider and Wolverine.
Seems an inevitable war of attrition to me.

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