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. . . I'm still working this one out. Both write-ups are compelling.

Each team in this fight has a very welcome bonus. The Dead and their training will make for a smooth functioning team, while the Blondes and their battlefield prep will set some deadly traps with Medusa's Vector Plates.
When Amora and Medusa work together to hide the plates, and use Vector Conduct, then Medusa can do some Arithmetic Magic to make them super-effective. As DCR noted in his write-up.
It won't be perfectly executed, however, as Xero pointed out, "They are all arrogant, and most are used to either not working with others or being in charge.  I don't think anyone on his team will except taking direction from anyone else," and while this won't go so far as to completely negate the Blonde's prep time, as Xero contends, it will keep things from going as well as DCR envisions.
The Dead team will be propelled about at first, but they won't be caught off-balance for long. Druid will detect the magic in play and begin to counter it. Gentleman Ghost may end up Vectored into some invisible spikes, but he's none the worse for wear, and Angel has the strength and flight to resist it. Deadgirl can go intangible - or just fall apart - and Deathlok can compute angles quickly enough to send a forcefield to protect Druid, but sacrifice himself in the process.
The Vector Plate prep wasn't epic, but it was enough to gain the Blondes an advantage as Deathlok is damaged and the Dead are scattered. Now the Blondes can pick their opponents.
Amora will be the first to notice Druid's tampering and will start to whip up the counter spells. Sue will turn herself and her teammates invisble, while Lady Mastermind will cast illusions. Sue will also have noticed that GG was walking through her force spikes so she'll pass that baton to someone else. Her own arrogance will have her try her force fields against the obviously strong Angel.
If Evangeline helps out on this front with some puppetry, Angel will have too much to overcome. Crushing force fields, ice spells, and puppetry are going to have Angel on the ropes - even this Angel.
Deadgirl and GG are slowed down by Lady M's illusions, so the Blondes have the initiative.
Medusa's Vector Blade, being magic, may have some effect on GG.
Deathlok has the durability to still be functional at this point and may be able to take Evangeline out of the equation against Angel with a few plasma blasts and a quick force field. She'll be fighting back hard though.
If this allows Angel the room he needs to fight through Sue's attacks he'll do it. After all of that, though, he'll be slow, and that will be all Sue needs to put a force field around his heart (doing nothing), a force field in his throat to cut off air (doing nothing), and finally a force field in his brain (dropping him). He'll have gotten to her though and choked her unconscious as she finally beat him.
Amora will eventually overpower Druid - he's susceptible to the wiles of pretty ladies - so with a kiss, she'll be doing his bidding. With Angel on the ropes, it's only Medusa who's struggling with her foes.
If Deathlok is pulling himself together, Amora can blast him good and BFR him through a dimensional aperture. Evangeline is free once more.
The Blondes have Amora, Evangeline, Lady M, a turned Druid, and a weary Medusa.
The Dead have Deadgirl and GG. With a combination of magics from Amora, Druid and Medusa, these two should eventually be brought down.
Looks like my vote goes to the Evil Blondes.
Druid, under the spell of the Enchantress, can enter Deadgirl's mind and keep her at bay. Gentleman Ghost may have Medusa playing defense, but an Eldritch Bolt from Amora should be felt by even he.
At this point, the Enchantress, Empress Hydra

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