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Subj: DCR, although some of his EMs seem a bit too powerful.
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Empress Hydra (Sue Storm from Earth 1720)
Lady Mastermind
Medusa Gorgon
Evangeline A.K. McDowell

All those women are ruthless. 4 of them are pretty smart (Sue even leads HYDRA) and pragmatic enough to work together. Lady M is not as smart as the others, but will get along with them.

The battlefield prep will mostly be Medusa creating Vector Plates all over the place. The arrows can be on the ground, but even it mid-air, and people who step in are propelled in the direction it's pointing.
Amora will enchant the arrows, so they can be seen only by the members of my team (although it's possible that Medusa can do it on her own, as she do with the Vector Conduct

So, when the fight begins, xero's fighters will be propelled here and there and kept off balance, without any understanding of what is happening to them. They will be send directly in Medusa's Vector Arrows and Sue's invisible spikes (she is a cold blooded killer and use her force field in deadly ways).

Sue will turn herself and her teammates invisble, while Lady Mastermind will cast illusions. The only opponents xero's fighters will see are their own teammates, turned into foes by Lady M's illusions.
The only ones who could see through the illusions are Druid and Deathlock, but they are also the more vulnerable and the more likely to be taken down very fast (Sue would probably target them first).

All the confusion (vector plates + invisibility + illusions) will let Amora and Eva the time to cast powerfull attack or support spells.

Eva will also prove usefull in close combat. She is highly skilled in martial arts, able to take down fighter more powerfull than her. Being a vampire (more powerfull by night, but perfectly ok by day, see pic), she is also incredibly hard to kill. Powerfull punches, controll of the opponents via strings, flight and ice spells will help her take down her opponents or send them in Medusa's arrows (she can also use the arrows to propell herself).

Even fighters hard to take down, like Super Angel and Gentleman Ghost, when they are not killing each other, can succomb to Amora's spells or
Sue's force fields. Enchantress can even use her charms to control them long enough to make them vulnerable (Ghost turning solid just a second is enough for Medusa or Eva to take him down, or Super Angel salivating over Amora's clevage while Medusa put a snake bomb into his mouth).

Fighting each other, charmed by Amora, being propelled arround, hit by powerfull spells, stabbed by force fields: the living deads are going down.

This team is extremely dangerous.