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Subj: I frequent this board enough to know...
Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 at 06:52:13 pm EST (Viewed 16 times)
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when they make almost a carreer doing it it does bother me and i have said so before, that's the point. Look down the board and you see who the repeat offenders are. I don't know about anyone else but I find it very annoying. Especially contrasted to those who put a bit of real effort into their posting on a regular basis.


...who the repeat offenders are. And it can be annoying from time to time... in that we are in agreement. But tantamount to insulting and considering oneself better than others? I think not. And if one truly feels that way by a no-text post from another, they have some real self-esteem issues in my opinion. Regardless though, you have responded to many "nt" posts from others (many of whom fit in the "repeat offenders" column) with far less rancor. In fact, one only needs to look at the front page to see I speak true. But I must admit, I feel a certain appreciation for the sheer irony of a poster accusing one of insulting and holding themselves above fellow posters when that very poster has made a career of being pretentious and belittling (looking at you Daveym). To me, your response reeks of personal prejudice against this particular poster, for the sole reason (if I had to guess) that he is an outspoken member of an "ultra-proprietorial" contingent of fans who seem to ruffle your feathers, sometimes without provocation. Or is it his seemingly pro-Marvel bias that has you disgusted? I mean really, if he had answered "Superboy Prime (nt)," would we even be having this conversation? I'm guessing not, since such an answer mirrors your own and therefore needs no further explanation. What does that say about someone's character when they would rather attack a poster in lieu of attacking the merits of their post? Would it have been just as easy to ask why he thought uber-Hercules had the chops to take on SBP and leave it at that? Hell, you have become so resentful to pro-Marvel fans as of late that you have even taken personal shots at Public Enemy, someone I thought you held in relatively high esteem. Oh well, perhaps I'm being overly critical of you, but it is my very real and honest opinion of the situation.

You may not think so, but I think you could benefit by taking a page from my book. If you don't like someone, just say it. Don't masquerade it by some half-ass attempt at baiting the poster. Hell, there are numerous online personas I dislike (yours included. Hell... yours especially), but I can safely say that I have afforded you (and most others) a healthy measure of respect, at least as of late. Admittedly, much of my respect for your online persona stems largely from your well thought-out posts. I read a lot of your posts; they are a guilty pleasure of mine because of the amount of effort you seem to put forth when posting. I may not agree with all of them (although probably more than you think), but I do agree that you put a lot of honest and real thought into them. But you know what, I don't expect every poster to be like you, or lesser versions of you for that matter, and neither should you. Let's be honest here, the board couldn't take too many Daveyms and be a friendly place to visit. It's a good thing it'll never happen, since not all of us are as well-versed in comics as you (I'm not, and I read a lot of books, including Independents), or have enough time to donate to this board to offer more than just passing thoughts or opinions, or even care enough about comics to read beyond just a few titles. And since there is no board rule declaring that one can not post if he or she has not read x number of books (at least not one I have seen) why should you or any other lambaste a fellow poster because he has not lived up to your posting expectations? If one posts a response that you deem needs further explanation, just call him or her out on their opinion, and be done with it. I do it to you, and we both know how I feel about your online persona, so why is it so g'damn difficult for you most of the time, especially when posted by someone you so obviously despise?