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Subj: Lulz. I'm tired of people attaching arbitrary limits to Mjolnir/Thor on this board. Even when presented with evidence.
Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 10:03:56 pm EST (Viewed 22 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Here you go.
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      I find it to be somewhat unlikely. Thor has shown the ability to absorb energy, but from the times I remember he never instigate the event. He does not juststart draining that is. I recall an instance or two of him draining a foe after they blasted him and he blocked with molnir and just did not let them turn their power off. Offhand I do not recall a direct draining example, it does not mean it is impossible but I do not see it as Thor's style.

    There's more but you get the idea. It's well within his capabilities.

    Thor can drain the Hulk of his energy, and if he were to do so, the Hulk would have no counter for the ability.

Fair enough, although still the point sort of stands that in those instances the power was actively being used against Thor. With the exception of the Magneto example. Which, admittedly really cool, is a bit exceptional. I would imagine he would be able to manipulate Mjolnir fairly well as well.

The first one with the wrecking crew I remember but did not want to count it per se. There are other examples of Thor breaking certain enchantments with Mjolnir. Draining them or whatever. But since that is a very different sort of energy I did not want to count it here.

I believe the example I was thinking of involved the U-Foes but I am not totally sure. Might have been while he was getting blasted by Viscerator but my memory is a bit hazy on that one.

Without direct ep to wield against Thor I am not sure if Thor can just use Mjolnir to just start draining Hulk of his energy without something to latch onto that is more concrete. I might be wrong but just does not seem like something Thor does to often. I see him resorting to the massive energy offensive first.

Your point doesn't stand in any way, shape or form. Read the scans. In all of those instances, Thor drained energy without energy being utilized against him. The only scene that even comes close is Kang seething with radioactivity.

Here are more scenes where no energy was used against Thor but Mjolnir was still able to absorb said energy:
Thor throws Mjolnir which begins to drain Firelord of his Power Cosmic:

Thor drains Ultron of all his energy which was so powerful than when Thor released it, the explosion whited out the sky across half the world:

Thor draws a field of magnetic energy from the core of an entire planet and then blasts Arishem with such power that the shock wave alone destroys mountain peaks for miles.

Thor is able to draw the magnetic forces of the entire Galaxy and use it to magnetize a futuristic robot into a harmless pile of tin.

Thor absorbs the energy of the Null Bomb -enough energy to destroy an entire Galaxy- and releases the energy deep into the Universe, reigniting a dying Sun.

Mjolnir can draw energy without energy being utilized against it. Someone doesn't have to start unleashing energy at Mjolnir for it to absorb it. I thought this was common knowledge. Apparently I was wrong.

You can choose to ignore the Wrecker scene if you like but it still happened. Ignoring evidence does not make it go away.

And you missed a few of the examples I posted apparently.

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