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Subj: Re: Lulz. I'm tired of people attaching arbitrary limits to Mjolnir/Thor on this board. Even when presented with evidence.
Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 at 12:05:18 am EST (Viewed 81 times)
Reply Subj: Lulz. I'm tired of people attaching arbitrary limits to Mjolnir/Thor on this board. Even when presented with evidence.
Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 10:03:56 pm EST (Viewed 22 times)

    Your point doesn't stand in any way, shape or form. Read the scans. In all of those instances, Thor drained energy without energy being utilized against him. The only scene that even comes close is Kang seething with radioactivity.

Not really, I read them all. And no need to be rude. I never said I did not think Thor could do it. My main argument against such a thing is he just would not do it. I have never seen him just on the fly decide to energy absorb anyone. And it is not an arbitrary limit. I just find it amusing that Thor should be able to do whatever he want whenever he want but the same privalege is never given to the other side. As big a Thor fan as I am it is total one sided nonsense. I even gave the guy credit in my response and still you jump down my throat.

He says an energy sapping vortex. I do not think this is a drain example per se. Usually heralds react much more vigourously if they are being drained. They become weaker and so on. That fight between the two was even. Never really seemed drained to me but ok.

Sure, but again why does Thor not just always do it to Ultron. In those examples, Wanda had to help open the cage and then when Ultron started to leak energy Thor grabbed on. Plus this one is strange to me, Ultron has tons of energy, that is for sure, but Thor has abosrbed much more. Anyway, I do not deny that he can do this sort of thing. Never have and never will. Just he cannot just willy nilly start draining Ultron. Granted Ultron usually has some sort of protection going but not directly against draining. At least not high level draining. Galactus did it in an instant. And many of the big Thor fans here love to compare the two.

I love this feat. I really do. Not totally relavent against an opponent though. He is not draining the energy from Arishem here. It is still very impressive and an attack if used against other foes would either kill them or maim them. Very impressive. I have seen it many times though.

Ummm. I am not totally familar with this scan. But I find the claim hyperbole. Not You can say it is clearly written but this either is an old age comic or one written to be like it is one andcomments like that are made all of the time. I am just saying we have seen Thor control cosmic storms and do some pretty epic stuff but for that much energy I feel that it would be much more epic feat that is not casual. Unless there are more factors at play there than one scan shows. I am not saying it is invalid, just that at times narration boxes make logical sense. To think that Thor could casually drain the energy of a galaxy is a bit much for this Thor fan to swallow and that this amount of energy would not fell an enemy even odder.

I like this showing too. But do not see how it directly counts. Again, I never said that Thor could not do it. My argument is draining energy from a living breathing being is just a different matter. Even Thor varies in whether he can drain various beings. Why did he not just drain the future robot of your example, Ultron or whoever he wants to? It would easily let him beat any number of foes. One could argue he is holding back, and take the apparently common uber Thor fan approach, that he is almighty. Or you can take the logical conclusion that Thor is a hero and would if he could. Just sometimes the rules do not alow it. They are not arbitrary things. Perhaps inconsistant on the writters.

    Mjolnir can draw energy without energy being utilized against it. Someone doesn't have to start unleashing energy at Mjolnir for it to absorb it. I thought this was common knowledge. Apparently I was wrong.

Try not to be so rude, first off. I have done nothing to provoke rudeness from you. I can widden my definition, but I do not recognize some of your examples. Are they all in continuity. Even if I take them as they are they do not really have a convincing point that he can do what you claim. It is convincing to say he can control magnetic forces. I agree. It is good to say that he can drain magical energy, at least ones with some relation to Asgard (he could not drain energy from say Umar, at least not directly). The Kang example does still not prove what you want it too. Kang is actively releasing energy like Ultron was, Thor had something to grab onto there.

So if Hulk had something to grab onto or we have an example of Thor draining a being of science like Hulk than I would be totally convinced. As it is I never said I did not think it possible and my strongest conclusion was I doubt Thor would use it as a primary approach even if going all out. If he is that mad he just would not bother.

    You can choose to ignore the Wrecker scene if you like but it still happened. Ignoring evidence does not make it go away.

I am not ignoring it. Never accuse me of that much. I am not like some around here. I just said I never argued with the fact that Thor can break or manipulate asgardian enchantment to a point. He has done it to many times through the years for me to say otherwise. That said he does not always seem to be able to do it with equal ease. With varying inconsistant factors at play depending on era and so on and so forth.

    And you missed a few of the examples I posted apparently.

Not at all, I saw them all. But thanks for your concern.

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