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Subj: Ears and inulnerability...
Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 at 06:52:34 am EST (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: Was the Hulk's thunderclap victory over Hyperion by hurting his ears an unambiguous victory?
Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 at 09:03:47 pm EST (Viewed 19 times)

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I thought we'd have a faux poll with faux posters while we're waiting for the real votes to come in, just for fun and because I'm bored.

So, was the Hulk's victory a clean one?

DONALD DOUGLAS: "Absolutely, and Hyperion seemed to acknowledge that the incredible Hulk was the strongest one there is."

DEBRA STEELE: "It's murky territory. I didn't like it when the Hulk took out Heimdall by hurting his ears. Too brutal for my tastes. Not very sporting."

STEWART MAJORS: "All's fair in love and war. The Hulk did himself proud."

MELISSA REAGAN: "I thought it was strange that Hyperion boasted about withstanding atomic blasts when the Hulk too has survived atomic blasts. All things being relative, Hyperion would've felt the Hulk's cataclysimic punches."

ERIC TAYLOR: "Hmm, when we first saw Hyperion, Thor's hammer bounced off of his invulnerable chest, so his invulnerability has always been a factor."

NATALIE PORTER: "This battle conclusively showed that the Hulk does have the ability to defeat a certain Kryptonian who can withstand atomic blasts too."

ERROL WHITNEY: "Hmm, not sure if Hyperion is supposed to be as powerful as pre-Crisis Superman. He never impressed me as that powerful."

FELICIA STEWART: "I think the Hulk cheated, so it doesn't matter."

VICTOR STROUD: "Cheated? Are you kidding, Felicia? The Hulk displayed a clever strategic battle tactic! I admire his victory."

RACHEL STROUD: "I guess I'm undecided."

I don't think I understand how invulnerability could work for the ears. Don't the ears pick up vibrations to hear? If they were too dense, then "invulnerable" characters that do no have super-hearing like Hercules and Hulk* would surely be deaf.
On the other hand, invulnerable charactes like "Superman" who do have super-hearing while perhaps not being deaf, would still vulnerable since their powers compensate.

Don't even get me started on Daredevil and Wolverine. If you wanted to beat those guys, just use a whistle to mess them up.

* Unless it's now the angrier he gets the better his hearing also becomes.

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