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Subj: Re: The taste of victory is sweet indeed.
Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 at 08:29:28 pm EST (Viewed 4 times)
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    I am troubled by the fact that you started a thread that ended up calling someone names

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see where Strongman called anyone a name...or any name calling at all in this thread.

    who hadnt even been part of the thread.

We *wanted* him in this thread (after all, he inspired it)...but, alas, he wouldn't show.

    I must admit I thought all of you had more class than that.

This thread was a *response* to the "Silly Hulkamaniacs" and various other abrasive posts. Question: If Strongman's response "troubled" you, then where were you when Markronimus was throwing out his bait? Were you "troubled" then?
Were you troubled when Romero said to me, "you have always reminded me of the guy that you just wish the hero would pop a hole in his head!" and "Never liked you and I never will!" and "You remined me of my manipulative cousin who I always have to beat down!"
How come I haven't seen you speak out the scores of times Daveym personally insults a poster (instead of being able to counter them with facts from the comics)?

Well the cockroaches thing seemed a bit over kill.I was talking about how the entire thread went nasty which seems strange for the people involved."Troubled"is just an expression on my part discribing my state of mind about the subject at hand and the direction it was going.It is not a personal attack that you seem to take it to represent.I skipped the silly hulkamaniacs stuff so I didnt catch that.I guess animosity does stick around from thread to thread which is unfortunate but thems the cards I guess.I did see Romeros comment and it was inappropiate and not really something I wanted to add more fuel as it was already getting out of hand.So yes that did make meuneasy.The thing that really surprised me was the people jumped all over Markonus like a feeding frenzy which just didnt seem like your usual selves-at least here.It probably would have made more sense had I followed the rest of this apparent on-going drama.Dont take it as a put down against you but rather a surprise to the thread.I am going to stick to the class comment because you and some of the others have been classy even when dealing with opposing opinions in the past.I think viewed as this thread by itself several people would have been surprised.As part of a continuing drama well s#!* happens.It seems I have made the blunder of wandering into a flame war thinking it was just a skirmish.On your comment about why I dont speak up when some posters resort to name calling is simple-I dont want to be a part of thatbut even I can get sucked in once and awhile.

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