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Subj: New Team
Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 at 09:48:16 pm EST (Viewed 55 times)
Reply Subj: Tourney Draft Day 2
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Today you draft items and review the teams.

Tomorrow we'll finalize.

Monday we start!

HE (25)
PM (12)
EM (6) - no autokill powers as EM.
ME (2)
ST (1)

Normal banned powers - time manip, reality manip, power stealing/lending/boosting (i.e. BB + Dazzler), Multiple Man types, summoning.

Normal characters - 5 appearances, no same timeline characters (Savage Hulk and Professor Hulk), provide links on draft or I kill you.

Extras (15 points) - need some feedback here.

20 points - herald level item (GL ring, gem of Cytorrak, etc.) that can't be used by a herald pick
15 points - 1 week in a high tech lab or mystic sanctum
5 points - 12 hours battlefield prep
5 points - bfr anchor for one character
5 points - detailed "Wiki" knowledge
10 points - PM level object that can't be used by a herald pick


1. Random
Hercules 12
Iron man 12
Captain America 2
Hawkeye 1
War Bird 12
Wasp 2
Quick Silver 6
Black Panther 2
Amadeus Cho 1

(I'd call the team the Avengers)

Wiki knowledge (5)
1 week prep in high tech lab (15)

2. Thorion
Magneto (PM: 12pts) - No Blood Tricks
Skeletor (PM: 12pts)
Darth Maul (EM: 6pts)
Dr. Doom (EM: 6pts) - No Mystical Armor
Kang (EM: 6pts)
Secret Appr. (EM: 6pts)
Zero (ME: 2pts) 6pts)

3. Tongan Giant

4. Exes
Theme Good Demons
Vengeance 12pts
Spirit of Vengeance 12pts
Ghost Rider Blaze 12pts
Ghost Rider Ketch 12pts
Blade 2pt
Cytorrak Gem(juggernaut) for Blade20pts

I'm pretty sure GOTG SOV is herald.

5. Dark Marvel
New Pantheon!
Barda(Mother Box)-PM-12pts
Amadeus Cho-S-1pt

20 pts-nano liquid metal blood(Engineer powers) for Cho.

6. Pogue Mahone
Torquemada 25
Captain Comet 12
Groot 12
Star Lord 1
john crichton 1
5 points - 12 hours battlefield prep
5 points - bfr anchor for one character (Torquemada)
5 points - detailed "Wiki" knowledge

7. Incriptus
Soldier Theme

The General - H - 25 or Red Hulk - H - 25
Both are iffy IMO. Teambuster showings.

Major Force - PM - 12
. . . Probably an EM Right here . . . Just can't think on such short notice . . . Advice Welcome!
Punisher - S - 1
Deathstroke - M - 2
Nick Fury - S - 1
David Caine - S - 1
Winter Soldier - M - 2

8. Joe Fixit
Team Compassion
If anyone needs elaboration for my theme. I think Ray and Billy pretty much speak for themselves. The Prof Hulk was retconned years ago by Paul Jenkins as the forgiving side of Bruce Banner. Even before that I can think of two instances right off the top. Hulk 419 vs. Talos the Tamed. Long story short, Hulk let Talos think he won the fight in order to save Talos's life. He was redeemed in the eyes of his fellow Skrulls. Hulk 405 vs. Pantheon's Ajax: Ajax was trying to kill himself because he couldn't take the fact that the woman he loved, Atalanta, loved Achilles(Pantheon). Prof Hulk didn't want to fight him, but help him realize there were people out there that cared about him. Prof essentially saved Ajax from himself in the issue.

Captain Marvel(Billy)(25)

Professor Hulk(12)

Brother Warth (Blue Lantern Corps 2nd member) (6) As a normal Blue Lantern the ring only provides him with flight and shielding which makes him an EM at best. Once close to the power of a Green Ring, power increases exponentially to the point where he was easily able to subdue Red Lantern Bleeze while she gave Kilowog, Arisia, and Guy trouble simultaneously.

Atom(Ray palmer) w/Indigo Ring and Power Staff (6) Like a Blue lantern, an Indigo Lantern only becomes truly formidable once they have other forms of the emotional spectrum in their presence to draw on such as a GL ring, Blue ring, etc. He should have 5 appearances in this form(Blackest Night 6,7,8, Atom and Hawkman Blackest Night 46, and he appeared in issues of Blackest Night Green Lantern)

Nightwing (1) (With my theme of Team Compassion, I'm giving Dick a GL Ring)

Magneto (PM: 12pts) - No Blood Tricks
Skeletor  (PM: 12pts)
Darth Maul (EM: 6pts)
Dr. Doom  (EM: 6pts) - No Mystical Armor
Kang  (EM: 6pts)
Secret Appr. (EM: 6pts)
Zero (ME: 2pts) 6pts)

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