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Subj: Re: I know everything is open to interpretation but
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    It depends on the length of time really which is unclear. I think the Hulk was pretty rocked. Maybe even temporarily knocked out due to his reaction.

Whilst the length of time is unclear, I don't think he was out. He regained his feet pretty quickly in the on-panel bits we see, and doesn't even seem groggy beyond the first panel. Judging by Hera's dialogue, he may have already been trying to stand even in that first panel.

    Was less more powerful than the one against Hulk. Zeus' blood lusted -he was stated to be in a Warrior Madness- state would mean he was throwing around more power in my opinion.

    Thor was also weakened in that fight durability wise. That's why he was reacting to so badly.

    Zeus wasn't trying to kill Thor but he wanted Thor down or gone. Still took it better than the Hulk however. \:\)

Did he? He went down to the floor long enough for a few panels of dialogue, then got back up and seemed none the worse for wear as soon as he regained his feet. Seems pretty similar to Hulk's reaction IMO. If you want to argue an ambiguous time-lapse between Hulk getting up then I could throw out the fact that Hulk had already run a guantlet of big attacks from just about every other god on Olympus before Zeus attacked him.


      Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that front. Looks to me like Hulk is clearly being hit by something in the first panel. If it was just a lightshow, why is Hephaestus jumping out of the way of it?

    The main problem for me is that I don't know how powerful Pak believes Skyfathers are in hand to hand. Will Zeus be amping his stats? Will he be at his base? Can he even amp under Pak? Important questions. Either way, we'll see.

Pak did have him punch out Galactus. Granted he was Mikaboshi amped, but there were other ways to write that scene than a punch. And the uber-skyfather Hercules was definitely amping his strength in his fight with Mikaboshi. I can't think of much other evidence than that, though. Hopefully the comic will make it explicit where Pak stands on the amping front.

    Still, I think I Pak has peaked. Even something as comicish as outfitting the Hulk with powerful tools (Ala Thor vs. amped Thanosi) etc. would have proven more interesting.

I love his character work on the Hulk book, but I have to admit he does seem to have a striking inability to write any kind of fight other than a straight forward punch-up. Chaos War #5 being by far the worst example of this.

At least he gave an in-comic explanation for this fight being limited to punching I suppose, and it will give us a pretty good idea of how Hulk can stack up against an uber-God in strength terms. But I too am a little disappointed with the way this preview is going. Who knows though, it is only a preview after all. Maybe he'll turn it around when the full book hits.


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