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Subj: Re: Is Thor the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mjolnir?
Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 at 06:10:55 am EST (Viewed 57 times)
Reply Subj: Is Thor the worst thing that could have ever happened to Mjolnir?
Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 at 06:18:48 pm EST (Viewed 39 times)

    I don't think there is a lot of doubt that Thor loves his hammer, and he loves to use his hammer. I also don't think there's a lot of doubt that the hammer has allowed Thor to fight out of his weight class on a number of occasions in the past. So Mjolnir has been very good to and for Thor.

    But is the opposite true?

    Thor, never the most cerebral of characters, has access to a weapon that has shown virtually no limitations. And yet, aside from a very limited number of circumstances, has almost never used Mjolnir to its fullest.

    The question becomes, then, what were to happen if instead of pitting Thor against his rogues and rivals if you instead gave Mjolnir to someone else. Someone more cerebral. Someone who also understands Asgardian magic and its potential. Someone who has always wanted Mjolnir.

    Someone like...Loki. Let's say you lifted the worthiness requirement and gave Mjolnir to Loki to play with for six months to learn all of its capabilities. Then you bring him back and have him do battle with some of Thor's toughest opponents. Would Loki with Mjolnir be even more powerful than Thor with Mjolnir?

The problem isn't that Thor is stupid, it's that writers feel the need to dumb down his usage of the hammer to tell stories. It's the same thing with Superman (or worse, Flash) and super-speed. Why do they even announce themselves to criminals? Most villains without super-speed awareness should just suddenly become aware that they are now imprisoned/immobilized rather than what they were doing a second ago.

With that being said, Loki should have no qualms about the collateral damage/killing involved in mega-attacks so he would probably drop a lot of Thor's foes more quickly than Thor would as a character. And he'd be a better team-buster. But he wouldn't be a hero or have his own title.
The problem for Loki, though, is that he's a coward at heart. He'd fold under the more extreme pressure/punishment that Thor rallies from. He'd kill a lot of Thor's peers but he wouldn't get most of the great underdog victories that Thor does.

    Let's find out.

    Loki with Mjolnir vs.

WW Hulk : Loki doesn't need Mjolnir to kill him from a distance.

Superman: Realistically, kills him from a distance even it has to be from off-plane.

Silver Surfer: Loki would have the power to take him but might fail the gut check more often than not. Without prep, Loki probably can't run to or attack from anyplace Surfer can't track and get to.

Kurse: Total power might not be enough in a direct assault. Could kill him through sorcerous means as he was killed somehow during Ragnarok.

Mangog: Would need amped spells against non-Jurgens Mangog. Might not be enough. Godblast might not be enough. Maybe portal Godblast inside Mangog with personal magic.

Perrikus: Magic + non-compromised Mjolnir should be enough but, again, might fail close-up gut check against a ruthless and skilled foe with a potent cutting weapon. Impossible to know what effect ranged attacks would have on Perrikus or what other abilities his scythe might have.

Hela: Don't think so. Thor drove her off once but most battles she takes it to Thor pretty good. I think she has more heart than Loki in hand-to-hand and her magic seems to exceed his. Taking her cloak might not matter either if she's not bothered by "Dad" seeing her true form.

Beta Ray Bill: Not in direct physical battle. Might get some sympathetic mojo going between the hammers. Thor has used rune magic to affect Mjolnir's enchantment.

Sentry: Pass. Too variable with ill-defined powers.

Juggernaut; Shouldn't be too hard between magic and Mjolnir's abilities. Loki can attack at will from a distance with zero retaliation.

Midgard Serpent: I get the feeling it would still take a primarily physical assault with a lot of energy and more of a sacrifice than Loki is willing to make to put the Serpent down.

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