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Subj: Here's my take.
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Reply Subj: How strong do you chaps see Hulk being...
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Previous Post his angriest?

I see him as being able to achieve 70-100% of his base level of class 70. From reading some posts here, it seems that some contributors figure his strength as increasing to 2x, 5x, 10x, and beyond.

Put your opinions in my brain.

I've tended to go with a variation of the old Marvel TSR RPG with a touch of the DC Strength Levels thrown in.
Please bear with me.
Hulk in this system has pretty typically had a base strength of Unearthly (100). Within the game, Hulk was given a power called Adrenaline Surge. With it, he is described as being able to raise his Fighting Ability and Strength to a maximum of Shift Z. Every round that Hulk is in combat with an opponent or a group of opponents, he gains this Shift. The Advanced Rules added a wrinkle, in that there is a range within each column. Many Judges will tend to cross those numbers in any shifting and then require a FEAT roll to jump into the next column. As a judge, I took the range into consideration but allowed Hulk's Column Shifting to be sans FEAT roll.
 Also, I tend to see each point raise as per turn rather than per round.
Of course, what this means is that he goes through his Unearthly base Strength (100-125), to the point where he's doing 125 points of damage with each hit, then he crosses into and works his way through Shift X (126-175), and on to Shift Y (176-350), and then Shift Z where he is doing 351 points of damage with each hit until he gets to 999 points of damage with each hit.
So you see, in a typical prolonged fight, the Hulk will get stronger and stronger each turn (in game terms this is every few seconds of action). If, for the sake of numbers, we say that each turn is 4 seconds, then Hulk will be at 999 within about 1 hour of fighting. That's Shift Z Fighting and Shift Z Strength.
To account for Hulk's anger boost, I would give him the Hyper-Strength Power as well, meaning that he can boost up one Column Shift from wherever he is at the time (ignoring the need to go through the range) if there is something angering him sufficiently beyond the already rising frustration that fuels his Adrenaline Surge. This is a "you hurt Betty," "or you hurt Rick" scenario.
For comparison's sake, I place Superman at Shift Z base Strength (500). I believe that Superman pulls his punches. The Hulk can get there, but he'd need to be in a fight with Superman for about half an hour. If Superman can't stop the Hulk in half an hour, then he has a very serious problem on his hands because now the Hulk is as strong as him and will start to get stronger.

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