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    Quote: his angriest?

    I see him as being able to achieve 70-100% of his base level of class 70. From reading some posts here, it seems that some contributors figure his strength as increasing to 2x, 5x, 10x, and beyond.

    Put your opinions in my brain.

It's been outright stated that his strength has increased multiple times over, and it's also been backed up by demonstrable feats. e.g. attaining levels higher than that of original strength Abomination, who is twice as strong as a high-end class 100. Or Hulk being flattened by a blast from Genis, then subsequently no-selling a blast with twice as much power because he was "twice as mad".

Or WWH, in which his strength surged to a point where he could no longer even take casual movements without endangering a significant chunk of a continent.

Which would easily be a 10x increase over his base.... and it was never established to be his limit either, so yeah, chalk me down as one who believes, given the right provocation (i.e. not in every fight), Hulk can double, quadruple, or increase his strength by a multiple of 10 or even beyond..... no limit means no limit, after all.


Since the introduction of the superhero different companies have all sought to make their characters distinct and unique. Some like Batman have been tagged as the "World's greatest detective", others like Captain America, "World's greatest fighter" and so on. We have come to accept these descriptions of our heroes at face value and yet we forget that they were forged in a different era with values and ideals that grew out of the time period. That was what made them stand out when we were little kids reading about them and even watching them on televison. We believed what was written and said and required little or no proof to back up such descriptions.
I love Hulk and I love Superman and the continual comparisons that these guys receive across the board is just amazing. Yet as much as I love Superman, I would not want to go back to the days where he was all powerful and somewhat rediculous by today's standard. I like a Superman that is powerful and that can go toe to toe with threats more powerful than him. It makes for an interesting story and causes me to cheer the under dog. The invulnerability and powers that Supes had in the 50's and 60's are not seen in the same way today. Yet DC still describes Superman as being invulnerable. Yet when we hear sayings like that we immediately say that there is no such thing as absolute invulnerability because Superman has been injured before and even died as a result of his injuries.
The same could be said for the Hulk. Love the Hulk and I believe that he was created to be Marvel's answer to all powerful Superman that was being published by DC at the time. But do we believe that any mortal being truly has unlimited physical strength and rage despite what is written down in print and stated? There is no such thing has having infinite/unlimited strength or rage in the absolute sense either. Perhaps the writers who coined these very phrases were using poetic license to hype their respective character just like some of us did in the school yard when defending our dad's as being able to beat another one' dad and so on. Is it just possible the Hulk just has a really high threshold for strength and rage that puts him above others in the Marvel universe? Every mortal being no matter how powerful has some limitations upon them. Perhaps it is safer to say that Hulk's strength cannot be quantified by current earthly methods.

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