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Subj: Re: How strong do you chaps see Hulk being...
Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 at 06:01:37 pm EST (Viewed 72 times)
Reply Subj: How strong do you chaps see Hulk being...
Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 at 05:48:33 am EST (Viewed 145 times)

    Quote: his angriest?

    I see him as being able to achieve 70-100% of his base level of class 70. From reading some posts here, it seems that some contributors figure his strength as increasing to 2x, 5x, 10x, and beyond.

    Put your opinions in my brain.

It is not a clear relationship, the strength and anger thing. That is as he gets madder he gets stronger. No question, but how much really depends. It is not exponential or in a few seconds he would be strong enough to do mindboggling things, I mean more so than comic characters should.

Now I would say are definatly the times when his baseline is highest. No question. Classically I would say he started a bit, a bit, lower than his peers but when he got angry he reached that level and on some occasions surpassed it. Do I think he constantly got 5x stronger than say Thor or Hercules or Gladiator. No.

That said under the right conditions, that is other than anger from being hurt in a fight and so on, his anger can reach new levels. So weather it be Betty in trouble, Rick in trouble, Claira dying, blaming Illuminati or some other major stress than sure that allows him to exceed that sort of "cap". It makes him go up much faster into higher levels. Add that to external help at times (As said below) Jean supressing Banner in Onslaught, warp core, peak levels of rage or learning to control it, Apoc or other dimensional things have led to his much higher showings.

Something like WWH was something of a perfect storm. But in general he needs something to get him into the next level.

It is not saying that Hulk does not have potential for infinite strength just that it is hard to have motivation to be that mad. The idea, that seems most far out there to me, is that Hulk has infinite rage. This can be said in narrations, but to me it was always the absurd claim. Not the strength part. Because I am perfectly willing to accept that under very nasty emotional conditions Hulk can reach insane levels. But during just a fight when he is getting hurt over and over and building up anger he just usually never reached close to the levels he is at when a major jolt hits him.

So say just being in a fight with say Abomination, he is close anyway, classically, and he can get mad enough to beat him. I guess the most clear counter point to my complaint is Galaxy master amping Abomination and Hulk able to beat him after a while. It is true, that said it took him much longer and he struggled there. My general opinion holds that Hulk gets strongest when there is something else driving his rage other than just a manly smack down.

Look Raist bunnies...
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