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Subj: Re: IH #622 preview - Hulk vs Zeus is on!
Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 at 07:51:13 pm EST (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: Re: IH #622 preview - Hulk vs Zeus is on!
Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 at 01:43:55 pm EST (Viewed 135 times)

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    So much for Hulk being one-shotted by Zeus' lightning then. He actually gets back up from the first mahusive blast and shrugs off another huge shot from it in pretty impressive fashion.

Er, No. That's reaching to the Max. Let's have a reality check:
Slowly and with effort he drags himself up off the floor after the strike at the end of last issue but look at the page after and Zeus isn't hitting him with Lightning again, its just sound & Fury - Read what they are saying to each other for the context of it.

(What is it about this character that that sends people so loopy?!) o_O


    And the other spoiler being that Hulk tempts Zeus into making it a fist-to-fist fight... I guess now we really are going to see just how far the "strongest one there is" shtick extends.

Yeah, I think the Hulk will do reasonably well in these conditions as he's by far a mor savvy brawler than Zeus, but unless editorial is non existent and the Writer is a raving lunatic no way is the Hulk going to beat down what is after all a major cosmic deity and the father of a guy he's famously never been able to beat!
Indeed while you may love all of this fan service it may well be a real jump the shark moment for the Hulk. There's only so far you can dumb down every single such opponent the Hulk faces just to enable the Hulk to look good in comparison and not end up with a huge credibility gap opening up.

    How will people react if Hulk flat-out overpowers or gets the better of Zeus in straight h2h?

The fanatics probobly lap it up, the more level headed readers roll their eyes I'd guess. After dumbing down Sentry, Zom, Doctor Strange, Hiro-Kala and the Olympians last issue there is possibly a degree of expectancy that every such opponent the Hulk will ever face will be expected to fall in line and take the Hulks medicine. It may service a crude level of fun for the fanatics but to anyone else the character is slowly drifting off into inconsequence; there is increasingly no sense of challenge, danger or reality to this book anymore.
I don't seriously think it will work out the way you seem to expect however, more than likely both beat the snot out of the other before calling it quits and the Hulk wins merely the moral high ground.
With most of these above opponent the Hulk barely holds his ground and providence steps in to deliver an 'out'. \(yes\)

How come every time Superman does something amazing it's Superman being amazing, but every time Hulk does something amazing it's his foes being dumbed down? You are witnessing the Hulk finally being given the treatment by Marvel that he deserves... you are seeing this great character rise to the fullness of his potential... you are finally audience to something I've known for 50 years... but you have Hulk in a slot in your head and you refuse to accept that he's much more than you want him to be, so it's bad writing. Hulk has outgrown the box you try to keep him in, face up to it.

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