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Subj: Re: Avengers vs. X-Men: You Decide, Round 1
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 02:26:54 pm EST (Viewed 22 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers vs. X-Men: You Decide, Round 1
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 12:53:23 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)

    Before Marvel does Avengers vs. X-Men, let’s see what the Battleboard says on the matter. Here are the rules. I’ve matched up 32 Avengers against 32 X-Men. (Beast went to the Avengers while Storm and Wolverine went to the X-Men.) All characters are in their current forms in the comics. That means Angel is no longer Archangel, Rogue no longer has Ms. Marvel or Sunfire powers, Colossus has Juggernaut’s powers, Nightcrawler is the Age of Apocalypse version, and the Vision is back to the original version, not “teen” Vision.

    The fights take place in an evacuated New York City. Combatants start off 20 yards apart. No battlefield removal allowed. Fight ends when one opponent is unconscious or immobilized in a way from which the character cannot escape. 4 characters from each team make 1 group. Tell me who wins the 4 individual match-ups in each group and then tell me who’s left standing as the winners of the individual match-ups fight one another in their group.

    This is round 1. The winners from round 1 will meet in a round 2 thread tomorrow (or maybe the day after depending on how many votes come in) and so on until only one team is left standing.

    Group 1:
    Captain America vs. Cyclops
    Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) vs. Longshot
    Falcon vs. Angel
    Tigra vs. Wolfsbane

Cap vs. Cyke is the closest imo...hmmmmm...Cap edges this imo as the Shield can take the optic blasts and Cap closes in and out physically powers Scott.

Longshot takes out Sharon pretty easily

Angel wins unless Falcon also gets his pet Redwing

Tigra wins

Cap+Tigra vs. Longshot+Angel

I think Longshot wins any of these 1 on 1...but Angel is the weakest link so team Avengers

    Group 2:
    Dr. Strange vs. Magneto
    Valkyrie vs. Rogue
    Hawkeye vs. Gambit
    Mockingbird vs. Shadowcat

Yeesh...Mags usually doesnt face magic, but Doc these days is not at his best...tough decision here...toss-up...50-50

Rogue beats Valkyrie...she isnt high end enough to finish it quickly enough

Hawkeye do to all the various trick arrows...something like a bolo arrow which Gambit gets out of to be taken out by a gas arrow

ShadowCat...MBird betetr fighter but cannot handle the intangible

Rogue+Shadowcat vs. Hawkeye

Team X-Men

    Group 3:
    Hulk vs. Colossus (with Juggernaut powers)
    Captain Britain vs. Iceman
    Spider-Woman vs. Armor
    Beast vs. Nightcrawler (Age of Apocalypse)

Hulk (Hulk is just stupid these days power-wise...Classic Juggernaut and Hulk is a 50-50 imo so if Pak had not chnaged things so badly I would have given edge to Peter...though really Peter-naut is pretty stupid as well story-wise).
Cap Britain

Hulk wins

    Group 4:
    Iron Man vs. Sub-Mariner
    Prince of Orphans vs. Jamie Madrox
    Iron Fist vs. Wolverine
    Moon Knight vs. Shatterstar

Iron Man should win

IM+IF vs. Madrox+Shatterstar

Team Avengers

    Group 5:
    Luke Cage vs. Warpath
    Jessica Jones vs. Frenzy
    Daredevil vs. Psylocke
    Black Widow vs. Domino

No clue

Team X-Men

    Group 6:
    Ms. Marvel vs. Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)
    Vision vs. Emma Frost
    Protector vs. Fantomex
    Quake vs. Rictor

Ms. Marvel (unless can she shit down Marvels mind?)
Vision really really really bad match up for Emma who is very powerful
Quake....Rictor became a joke a loooong time ago

Team Avengers (even if Ms. marvel lost her round)

    Group 7:
    Red Hulk vs. Hope Summers
    War Machine vs. Havok
    She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) vs. Polaris
    Spider-Man vs. Cable

If Hope has MInd Control she wins...otherwise Red Hulk
War machine
Shulk 50-50 vs. Polaris

Winner...based on team that had either Red Hulk or Hope win

    Group 8:
    Thor vs. Danger
    Thing vs. Storm
    Giant Man (Henry Pym) vs. Strong Guy
    Shang Chi vs. Deadpool

Storm unless she goes in close and acts dumb
Pym maybe not as physically strong but brings many other advantages

Thor + Pym vs. Storm + Deadpool

Team Avengers...Thor has a significant power advantage over the xmen and would win this even solo imo

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