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Subj: Re: Avengers vs. X-Men: You Decide, Round 1
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 05:38:09 pm EST (Viewed 105 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers vs. X-Men: You Decide, Round 1
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 12:53:23 pm EST (Viewed 180 times)

    Group 1:
    Captain America vs. Cyclops
    Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) vs. Longshot
    Falcon vs. Angel
    Tigra vs. Wolfsbane

Cap's shield is not a force field. Cyke should be able to put him down before he can close the distance. Especially in a depopulated area.
Of course, in a comics, Scott would keep aiming the middle of the shield and let Cap get close enough.

Longshot is better than Hostage 13 and is more lucky.

If Angel is amnesic, he doesn't have experience anymore, right? Falcon wins.

I'd say Tigra is a bit stronger. She wins.

Cyclops & Longshot vs Falcon & Tigra.
Cyclops wins it for his team.

    Group 2:
    Dr. Strange vs. Magneto
    Valkyrie vs. Rogue
    Hawkeye vs. Gambit
    Mockingbird vs. Shadowcat

Current Strange loses to Mags.

Valkyries KO Rogue before she can touch her.

Hawkeye: superior range and versatility.

Shadowcat: not an easy fight, but she should be able to do the "hit and go intagnible" thing fast enough to beat Mocky.

Magneto and Shadowcat vs Hawkeye and Valkyrie.
Magneto should win 7/10 by his own.

    Group 3:
    Hulk vs. Colossus (with Juggernaut powers)
    Captain Britain vs. Iceman
    Spider-Woman vs. Armor
    Beast vs. Nightcrawler (Age of Apocalypse)

Hulk vs Colossus: I'd say Hulk, until I see some impressive showing from Juggerlossus.

Iceman should beat Braddock.

There is nothing SW can do to harm Hisako. Armor wins.

Nightcrawler shoudl own Beast.

Hulk vs Iceman, Kurt and Armor.
It all depends of AOA Kurt's mentality. If he goes for the kill, X-Men win, if not, they lose (unless Iceman uses his water absorption power, but he doesn't do it on averrage)
So it's a draw.

    Group 4:
    Iron Man vs. Sub-Mariner
    Prince of Orphans vs. Jamie Madrox
    Iron Fist vs. Wolverine
    Moon Knight vs. Shatterstar

Iron Man should beat Namor.

POF beats Madrox.

Wolverine and IF can go either way. Draw.

Shatterstar is stronger, tougher, as skilled and as mean as MK. He wins.

Iron Man and POF beat Shatterstar.

    Group 5:
    Luke Cage vs. Warpath
    Jessica Jones vs. Frenzy
    Daredevil vs. Psylocke
    Black Widow vs. Domino

Warpath is not in the 90 class anymore. I don't think he could hurt Cage enough to get a win. Luke Cage wins.

Jessica is not strong enough to hurt Frenzy. Frenzy wins.

Psylocke should beat DD, if she fights smart.

BW is more skilled than Domino, but Domino has her probability altering powers. Draw.

Frenzy and Psycloke beat Luke Cage.

    Group 6:
    Ms. Marvel vs. Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)
    Vision vs. Emma Frost
    Protector vs. Fantomex
    Quake vs. Rictor

Rachel's telepathy should be enough to beat MM.

Emma's telepathy is useless here and being as hard as diamond is just one of Vision's powers. Vision wins.

Hmm... Protector has superior stats and powrs, but Fantomex is smart and has his misdirection power. Draw.

Rictor vs Quake? Both are skilled and powerfull. Draw

Vision vs Rachel? Vision should beat current phoenixless Rachel.

    Group 7:
    Red Hulk vs. Hope Summers
    War Machine vs. Havok
    She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) vs. Polaris
    Spider-Man vs. Cable

Hope's guns won't be enough to beat Rhulk.

War Machine can take a hit from Havok, the inverse is not true. Rhodey wins.

Polaris in NY? She should win against Shulkie.

Spider Man should be an unprepared Cable.

Rhulk, WM and SM vs Polaris. Lorna loses.

    Group 8:
    Thor vs. Danger
    Thing vs. Storm
    Giant Man (Henry Pym) vs. Strong Guy
    Shang Chi vs. Deadpool

Thor is too much for Danger.

Storm can go all out if there are no civilians. She should beat Thing.

Pym can shrink Strong Guy. Giant Man wins.

Deadpool should win.

Thor beats Storm and Wade without Pym's help.