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Subj: Re: Who can stop Zom? Inbetweener still.
Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 at 02:01:21 am EST (Viewed 78 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Who can stop Zom? Inbetweener.
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    Since I have been pitting the Inbetweener against some characters recently, he could come in hear with his Masters backing or Zoms opposite and possibly destroy Zom for good. Inside the IBs universe he is unbeatable pretty much by outside forces unless it involves MO & LC.

What are you basing that logic on? Zom does not have an opposite that we are aware of. He is some sort of uber demon. The Living Tribunal was going to have to deal with him. If he had an exact opposite that kept him in line I imagine that it would have shown up to stop him at the get go. He had to be trapped not really countered outright.

And where do you get the information that he is unbeatable inside his universe. The In Betweener does not have a universe. Order and Chaos have a universe where they are more than Eternity and Death in the standard Marvel universe, sort of a flipping of importance, and it is a universe devoted more to magic. They created the IB as a balance point in that universe. But he said pretty much outright that his point of power was when everything was in a perfect state of balance. Such as the portal that he and Galactus were fighting in during their clash. IB brags how he is more powerful there and will crush Galactus but the two seem just as matched as before.

There is no reason to think the IB is something more than he is. Something incredibly powerful? No question. Something with unlimited power, not really. Just a ton of it. Honestly I would say that he is generally as powerful as a guy like Galactus maybe a bit more so if he can summon a true opposite against something. The issue is if it has an opposite. And remember that depending on what the opposite is it is under no obligation not to seek revenge. Death is an abstract and is not that direct but say he was fighting Mephisto and summoned an arch angel or something to fight him. It would do the job at first but once it was done it could come back for him with friends or alone. Not a great example given we know little on angels but you get the idea.

Here is all the logic you need. First off IBs universe is MO/LC universe, the IB did make for himself a dimension before Scorpio split him into Chaos & Order. Against Dr. Strange IB had planned to alter the fabric of reality by imposing his own concept of balance in the universe. IB duties are to keep balance in his whole universe so that neither MO/LC becomes more than the other. So if Zom was to threaten that balance one way or the other the IB would be empowered to reestablish that balance. No opposite needed, cuz I don't see Zom destroying or overtaking these characters. Last but definitely not least, see MARVEL WIKI on IBs powers. He is completely indestructible, possesses incalculable strength, flys at warp speeds, has nearly limitless ability to manipulate time, space, matter, and energy as well as almost infinite abilities with the entire range of psionic powers. He is telepathically linked to MO/LC. Now all these powers are most likely present in his own reality with his masters, thats why I said he is nearly unbeatable there, and that a weakening sooner or later Galactus was going down. Zom also, thats what I'm talking about and thats where I get information from, Marvel who don't always portray a characters true powers regularly.