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Subj: Thanks Seeker but i'm full of Norse myth Facts, thanks though....
Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 at 09:24:17 am EST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Some facts that may change your view on a few things...
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    The Entire Aesir Pantheon were War Gods and that tittle was held by like at least 4 of them, Thor in some dictionary's is labled a god of war, not too mention a god of Strength! And no Magni was not a god of strength he was given that by Marvel, either way Thor is and should be Stronger, Thor was the Only god who strength was associated with in the Norse Pantheon, not even Vidar, Marvel made him a strength god as well, but he was just another god of war.

Magni is in a sense a god of strength since in one myth Thor was trapped under something or another and Magi, who was only a few days old, was the only god strong enough to free Thor. The implication being Magni was stronger than him.

IIRC, in another myth Vidar was stated to be second to Thor in strength. I think Vidar was more associated with vengence. Anyway, he should be close to Thor in strength.

I really dislike being called out on stuff I fail to mention, really didnt think I had to mention Mangni lifting the leg, yes all the Gods were amazed, I know and yes Vidar was only second in Strength because Tyr had sacrificed an arm.

Oh and when I said I dislike being called out it has mote to do with me being upset with myself and not you bro, everytime I have a feeling that I should add some detail, I dont than somebody corrects me with facts I already know, lol!

Still with all the facts aside, niether Vidar or Magni are labled actual gods of Strength but Thor.