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Subj: Why Because the Myth Is more well known? The Norse faught for there gods the Greeks gave them up.......
Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 at 09:20:35 pm EST (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thank you, Ares was a God of war but big deal, Athena was the real Deal....
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    Forgot about that Boxing match! Nice! My case is that Thor was a top tier Deity well Ares was second tier, feared by mortals yes, but what god was'nt? Thor should be at a higher level, and if worship meant anything Thor should be the most powerful heto god there is, as he was also worshiped by farmers and poor folk, he was worshiped by all, with no need of sacrifice, yup being labled a god of war means squat to a Norse God! Not to mention the Thundergod is almost always the most powerful deity in any pantheon, or second.

If numbers of worshipers is what determine a god's power for you than Greeks and Roman gods would be more powerful.

The Norse also had the Germans worshiping them, Those that gave up the Norse Gods were forced or paid off, or they Died for them! Greek the last to actually worship the Zeus pantheon gave them up like nothing. I dont get how you figure they had more worshipers, maby you can clarify