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Subj: Different story. IIRC, Apollo was punished because of two different reasons...
Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 at 09:59:53 pm EST (Viewed 50 times)
Reply Subj: Is'nt it the reason Apollo got a big head than had to be smacked down by Zeus?.
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one of Apollo's demi-god sons, Ascelpius was such a good healer he learned how to return the resurrect the dead either through Gorgon's blood or some other healing art. Hades (Pluto) eventually complained to Zeus either due to Ascelpius stealing his subjects, going against the natural order, or accepting money for the service.

Anyway, Zeus killed the kid. Apollo was upset, but Zeus being Zeus couldn't do anything to him. So he killed the Cyclopses that forged the thunderbolt instead. Zeus punished him by having to serve a human for about a year as a laborer.

Asecelpius was eventually made into a full god of healing.

Another time, Apollo participated in a rebellion against Zeus. As punishment he and Poseidon were forced to serve King Leomadon of Troy for about a year. Either Poseidon had to build the walls and Apollo be a shepherd or both had to build the walls.