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The DC stats for the T-Rex were already given in the third edition book. It was:


Powers: claw 9, running 5.

Your T-Rex can move up to 104 tons as an automatic action while it itself only weight about 6 tons. The DC version made it so it could automatically lift it's own weight, but not near to 20 times more.

Well, without getting into another scale argument, I would point out that an 8 – 10 ton T. rex would have easily been well in the 25-50 ton STR class, at 11 APs, and while I might be generous tipping him into the early 50-plus category at 12 – yes, because it fits better, relatively - this is not out of the question.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that while the MEGS AP scores for animals might seem reasonable in and among themselves, since they more or less adhere to the actual AP scale, they totally fail when placed relative against the human characters. I’m sorry – Batman is not in the same STR category as a horse, or a gorilla, and he’s not stronger than a lion or a tiger. Animals are far stronger for weight than humans – any one hundred pound chimp is far stronger than a two hundred pound human – a thousand pound elk will sprint up a sheer cliff like a thirty-pound jackrabbit. And T. rex had a body cavity the size of an elephant, but with a far more powerful build and sprinter’s legs like an ostrich. If a heavyweight fighter weighing 220 lbs can punch upwards of 1200 lbs, consider what kind of forces could be generated by an animal upwards of ten tons, legs like a road runner, designed to hit prey head on.

Which brings us to the business end – the bite. Scaled up Estimates based on comparative bites of Alligators - that can bite for up to a ton - have given T. rex a bite force estimate of up to 8 tons. However, the closely related Crocodile, eclipses is cousin the Alligator’s bite force with a measured bite of 3 tons from a one-ton individual. Considering that the structure of a T. rex jaw was far more robust, with even larger muscle attachment points than even the crocodile – AND weighed 8 tons – with fragmentary specimens suggesting individuals that weighted 12 tons or more, with 20 ton ‘record holders’ possible – well, the AP score looks a little more reasonable.

Then throw in the fact that related species of similar size routinely preyed upon 100 ton sauropods that they would have likely dragged and moved as necessary.

But as I've said before, over 9 or 10 APS - or over Class 10 or IN(40) throw the actual weight scale out the window.

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