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Subj: Re: what does the #1 rank mean
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 at 09:19:10 pm EST (Viewed 196 times)
Reply Subj: what does the #1 rank mean
Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 at 02:50:22 am EST (Viewed 33 times)

    is it who would win in a fight with the others listed, the most powerful, both, etc.

    All of those are reasonable assumptions, but could have very different results...

My assumption was overall formidability and value for the category. *shrug*, maybe the OP can validate.

    for instance, I think a lot of people would argue Silver Surfer is more powerful than Thor, but that Thor would win in a fight (I actually think they're REALLY close to equal in overall power, but Thor wins in a fight because of how they usually fight.

I am a subscriber of the former and agree that Thor does very well against the Surfer because he's warrior by nature. I've seen folks like Brevoort, Busiek and even DeFalco write the same on Avalro's boards and others.

    I think a Thor vs. Superman fight sans politics involved is a tossup, but I also think Thor is more powerful (though I recognize good arguments for Superman being more powerful, and the last couple years of Thor, especially with the more recent 'reveal' about Mjolnir's nature probably will end up changing my opinion)....

I don't begrudge you for having your opinion but I just don't share it. There may have been politics but I wonder why Marvel agreed to have the story printed if they felt that differently than how the story turned out. On the subject of Mjolnir and Odinson/Jane - it would be interesting if Mjolnir does indeed impart or withhold it's power based on how it likes it's wielder. That would be something.

    But also recognize this list seems like a hastily thought out thing...as zvelf brought up, Spider Man above Green Lantern? I'd give him a decent chance against Flash, and an outside chance against the weaker lanterns, but any of the elite lanterns would be HEAVY favorites....and you saw the furor over Cable at a buck....

    BUT, if I'm looking at a list of superheroes, and I'm trying to decide who I would pick on my team, who would be the first on your list (if you get every mainstream, non cosmic (in an abstract type sense))

I honestly haven't too heavily at the other categories. I just assumed that there was some correlation between the price tag of the hero vs the value and not some random listings. However, if you want to and for the sake of argument just take that Superman deserves to be on top of his category based on relative value as my argument, please feel free.

    I could see arguments for Superman, but also for the Surfer, Martian Manhunter, Thor, even guys like Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange, or Orion, or a handful of other guys. Does any one of them 'go without saying'?

I only considered the heroes on the list. For what it's worth, I also think while the Surfer is more powerful than Superman, I think Superman is overall more formidable. Superman is very good with fighting if he needs to be, not sure I can say the same for Norrin even though he's my favorite.

Welp, again, I didn't take "without saying" as equal to absolute certainty. My interpretation was that Superman should. 

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