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Subj: Re: Let's look at the range of fights
Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 at 03:01:58 pm EST (Viewed 77 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Let's look at the range of fights
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    Do you have scans of this Deathstroke fight? Did he have any special weapons?

No, I do not have scans of this fight. I read the comic, but I don't own it so I can't give you specifics from memory except that yes, Deathstroke used weapons. Folks on the Superman board aren't too happy about this fight.

    Of course is Telekinesis a mental attack. It is an attack that creates some sort of force fields created by person with that skill. The physics of it is very unclear.

That would of course be because it doesn't exist in real life! But "some sort of force fields" is not a mental attack but a physical one. Telekinesis, at least in this instance, is not attacking the mind.


      Are you joking? Compared to Thor and Superman, Spider-Man and Captain America have plenty of weaknesses. Neither are remotely as durable. Neither are bulletproof and if Cap doesn't get his shield up in time, he could be killed by anything that could kill a normal human. Neither can survive in the vacuum of space. Both can drown relatively easily. Most importantly, neither have the offensive output that can offset their defensive deficiencies. Thor has Superman's offense without Superman's defensive deficiencies against magic and energy absorption.

    I think you see weakness in a very strange way. Captain America and Spider-Man dying in outer space is not a weakness, it is simply a limitation of their durability.

Strengths and weaknesses can only be defined relative to someone else, which is why I stated above, "Compared to Thor and Superman, Spider-Man and Captain America have plenty of weaknesses." A human being's strengths and weaknesses are different compared to an elephant or to a cockroach. When we were talking about Superman's weaknesses, it was in terms relative to Thor. Thor lacks some of Superman's weaknesses, so that's a plus for Thor when evaluating the two of them. Relative to Thor and Superman, Cap and Spidey's "limitation of their durability" is a weakness.


      Except Ben Grimm never knocked out Galactus on his lonesome. He just happened to be the last one to hit Galactus after Thor, Iron Man, and most importantly Dr. Strange, who shut down Galactus' mind. And you know I've clarified we've been talking about post-Crisis Superman all along, so trying to bring in Silver Age Superman is disingenuous. Post-Crisis Superman has no chance against Galactus.

    That is your opinion, not mine. The Sentry was claimed to have stalemated Galactus and in fact the Sentry was the closest to Superman at Marvel. I would have bought if Sentry had challenged Superman in a crossover.

Sentry kept getting special retconned powers up the wazoo so no, Sentry was not equivalent to Superman. Superman cannot rearrange molecules in a stronger fashion than the Molecule Man like Sentry could (at this time, this was not current Beyonders-powered Molecule Man). Sentry also has immense psionic power, which Superman lacks. Can Superman mentally cause everyone on Earth to forget his existence? Sentry can. Basically, Superman is not that much like Sentry and so to say because Sentry stalemated Galactus, Superman could too is nonsensical.



        Ego is slow. Superman could destroy Earth if he wanted to (even new version), so he can also destroy a living planet.

      Prove it. Show me an example of in-continuity post-Crisis Superman destroying a planet.

    Well, I don't know an example since Superman does not want to destroy planets.

So you have no proof for your assertion, just your speculation.



        He would know out Surfer, similar to the way Thanos did and avoids Soul Gem's karmic blast - or maybe he is even immune against it somehow

      "Somehow" I don't find your answer of how Superman would beat Warlock and Surfer at the same time very convincing.

    Sorry, I meant he would knock out Surfer similar to how Thanos did and if he knows about it he can easily avoid the karmic blast. He knocks Adam Warlock out before Adam can even think about some blasting.

Sorry, but knocking out the Silver Surfer is not that easy. Neither is avoiding Warlock's karmic blast. Now that is similar to a mental attack. It's not something one physically dodges. Superman could theoretically use super speed to beat Warlock, but we've seen throughout Superman's history that this is rarely his first impulse in a fight so you're asking for Superman to behave rather unusually.


      Thor is no more powerful in Asgard than he is on Earth. That's why Odin mated with Gaea to spawn Thor in the first place. Also, none of my examples take place in Asgard. Oh, and remember all those examples of Thor beating Superman analogues like Hyperion, Gladiator, and Captain Marvel (Batson)? Here is Superman's facing a Thor analogue:

    Yes, they are supposed to be analogues, I agree with that but they significantly below anything that Superman is.

We've seen Gladiator fly into a star without being bothered and destroy a planet. We've seen Superman struggle with being near or touching stars and have never seen him destroy a planet. We've seen Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) equal Superman in tests of strength and durability. No, they are not "significantly" below Superman.

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