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Subj: Now hold on.
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Thor and others (Hulk) fare so well against him and why it is bad writing or 'explained away' ... another universe etc.

although, Hulk at his highest levels does match Superman in strength output. In fact, I think that Worldbreaker is the only character that can match and even surpass Superman (and I don't like Worldbreaker very much) 

Superman is not so far above Thor or Hulk that they cannot give him a good battle or even beat him outright.  Hulk's dynamic strength will allow him to surpass Superman, so it would be in Superman's interest not to let Hulk hang around.
And you're saying WORLDBREAKER might match and even surpass Superman?  Um, Worldbreaker would destroy Superman and not breathe hard.  When has Superman been a threat to destroy the eastern seaboard of the United States just by WALKING?  When has Superman destroyed a planet by punching someone else nearby?
Worldbreaker could surpass Superman????? Yeah, I'd say so.