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Subj: Alrighty...let's take a look at the Dan Jurgens interview you cited....
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Reply Subj: Re: On the contrary...
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    ...Dan Jurgens picked Thor to beat Superman. The diehard Superman fan interviewer, clearly distraught by his answer, tried to ask him a leading follow up question by asking him "thor will win despite Superman being much stronger"(paraphrasing, not an exact quote, but essentially the same), to which Dan Jurgens just laughed and said "yeah, yeah", no doubt feeling sorry for the poor Superman fan. That's the interview you were referring to.

That's not how it went if you want to go through interview again.

    RC: What do you think of the idea of Superman defeating Thor, which we recently saw in JLA/Avengers?

    Superman vs. Thor
    DAN JURGENS: No . . . not even possible. Even if you bring back Thor to his basic self, the Thor of issue one of my run, he would beat Superman.

    RC: Why�s that?

    DAN JURGENS: Magic.

    RC: The "magic weakness" idea for Superman?


    RC: In the books these days, the "magic weakness" is almost never there.

    DAN JURGENS: I know. I know. Straight up? Superman is more powerful, but because of the magic weakness . . . but because of the magic component, Thor wins.

    RC: In your opinion, is Superman is a lot more powerful than Thor?

    DAN JURGENS: Yeah.

Dan himself said that Superman is straight up more powerful than Thor and not out of some mysterious pity on a Superman fan. The said fan didn't say that Superman is stronger too.

The Superman/FF comic is from 1999 and the interview was in 2004 BTW.

    About All Access...nope. it did not establish that Superman can beat both the JLA and Avengers teams. Whatever gave you that idea? He just snapped them out of their mental funk with that electric jolt...nothing more, nothing less.

Heh, seems like a wrong move to bring a hero in when he couldn't deal with what was going on.

And Access didn't bring Superman to shock the teams.

...when the interviewer asked him the possibility of Superman defeating Thor, Dan Jurgens quickly said...

"No . . . not even possible. Even if you bring back Thor to his basic self, the Thor of issue one of my run, he would beat Superman."

Imagine that. Dan Jurgens clearly pick Thor...and not only did Dan Jurgens pick Thor, he even said that the likelihood of Superman defeating Thor is..."not even possible".

Which is what I told you previously. Now bear in mind, this interview happened during the year 2004 (over a decade ago), so naturally my recollection will not be perfect. I only read it once. But it stuck to my mind because the impression I got is that the interviewer was so desperately trying to get a silver lining that he kept on asking Dan Jurgens for more clarification. Just read what you posted....

The interviewer asked him if Superman can defeat Thor, Dan said "no...not even possible"....when the interviewer asked for a clarification, he said "because of the magic weakness"....asked a question, he gave an answer, when asked for a clarification he gave his reason....that should have been the end of that. But nooooo....the interviewer was already starting to argue with him by saying "but in the comics the magic weakness is almost never there"....he was already arguing at that point, and no longer asking plain informative question. My impression was, Dan Jurgens threw the poor guy a bone and just said "well, Superman is more powerful...but because of magic, Thor wins"...not being content with that answer, the interviewer even asked "do you think superman is a lot more powerful than Thor"....i know you wrote there "yeah"....but i could swear I remember Dan Jurgens chuckling and saying "yeah, yeah". An interviewer should not show his bias. Just ask your questions, stick to the facts and move on. Dan Jurgens was a sport for even answering who would win between Superman and Thor...the interviewer wanted to continue beating a dead horse, so Dan Jurgens no doubt just gave him what he wanted to hear. This is not an uncommon occurence. In real life (not here on message boards), if I sense that the other guy is getting offended or something, in order not to upset him I would relax my opinion and seek a common ground. That's what Dan Jurgens did for that interviewer.

And it's a good thing Primetime clarified it that Dan's answer that Superman is so much more powerful than Thor, that he was just joking....which is why I remember him laughing. At that point, I rolled my eyes at the unprofessional interviewer and probably went on my way and searched for was over a decade ago.

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