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Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 at 12:09:35 pm EST (Viewed 24 times)
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    Added to this is that they also showed that Cyborg Superman was overwhelming Surfer. No red sun weakness exploitation, no kryptonite tricks, just Surfer being overwhelmed.

This is false.  They each traded a blast, Surfer was impressed that Cyborg Superman was able to stagger him with a sucker shot, but they never got past the testing the waters phase.  They never actually fought before Hal scared Henshaw away.  Marz' Surfer was also notorious for holding back, and having to be on the verge of defeat before cutting loose to any degree.  Note that the Surfer's power was portrayed as thoroughly Uber in that story, Hal utilizing the Surfer's power was able to restore cities and world's with casual ease.  The Surfer also looked very good compared to Superman in the Silver Surfer/Superman crossover.  The Surfer is the ONE guy that sort of gets a pass on Superman in creator/story comparisons.  Many writers/artists feel that "cosmic" character are the one character type than they don't have a problem beating beating Superman.