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Subj: I was wrong.....
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    What about in the JLA/Avengers where we see Thor swatting away Doomsday? It appears that Thor one-shotted the guy who literally killed Superman, since Doomsday wasnt there for the big pile on where Thor gave Mjolnir to Supes.

Busiek said that Thor merely knocked down Doomsday which isn't that hard.

    Plus Thor himself said he has taken Superman's measure and another bout would have a different outcome. Thor routinely holds back.

Thor has said that against Demon Druid too. Druid beat him down twice more after oneshotting him.

    Thor takes 7 out of 10.

Maybe he should beat Kalibak first before going to big leagues.

So, knocking down Doomsday isnt hard, but he's the guy who beat superman to death? Not helping your argument........

Demon Druid? Who? And your argument is based on an offhand comment by Reed that is totally subjective from a what if story....

I was wrong. Thor takes 9 out of 10.