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Subj: this issue was in the mid 2000's
Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 at 08:12:28 pm EST (Viewed 24 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Lets face facts with scans
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      I hadn't seen that scene with Thor vs Thanos, could you please bring it into context? What mitigating factors, was it a clone, is Thor powered up?

    Jurgens had written this as the real Thanos. Starlin retconned this into a Thanos clone to Jurgen's objection. Marvel's solicitations of this story call this retcon into question. In any case, power-wise for all intents and purposes, this is the real Thanos. Thanos powers himself up with the Chalice of Ruins and the Illumination Stone. To display this power, he destroys a planet with one blast. Thor counters by getter his belt of strength, a magic shield, and magic armor from Asgard. Powered-up Thor and even more powered-up Thanos have a straight fight. Thor wins.

BKR: Ugh, powered up clone vs powered up real deal. Isn't going to wash. 


      Also, that is clearly King Thor and a mind controlled Hulk in the 1st scan.

    This King Thor had lost his skyfather power due to some magic shenanigans from the Council of Pantheons and Dr. Strange. He still kills Hulk and Thing at the same time.

BKR: This however will wash. I know it's not the done thing to go with this as it's not strictly canon, but yeah, this is a good result for Thor, assuming no other power ups in play.





          The crossovers should be commended for showing clean wins. Are thy going to show Superman beating Thor repeatedly? No, why would they want to humiliate Thor fans like that? They showed one offs and they showed Superman winning.

        And the crossovers showed Thor beating Captain Marvel, who is basically Superman's equal in power.

      Yeah, through power exploitation. Supes beat Thor cleanly. Whilst I would say this shows Billy will likely beat Thor, I don't agree they are equal, Supes has more gas in the tank, when all is said and done.

    Superman himself disagrees and this is after experiencing a direct comparison with Captain Marvel's powers:



    It is interesting however that you support the crossovers when it agrees with your opinion on Superman but dismiss the crossovers when it disagrees with your opinion on Thor.

C'mon, they aren't equal. Could Billy beat Darkseid? 

I remember reading it back in 1997(?)  before the JLAvengers. I recall interpreting it in that they didn't want to give away a Supes vs Thor fight and made it through power exploitation. 

As I said before, I will acknowledge the crossovers show Heralds over GLs.

I remember which comic shop I read it in, and they closed down in the late 2000's...

They had earlier crossovers where they seemed equal too, and an armwrestling match that was a draw until Cap ended up sharing powers and lost...

As to the Darkseid thing, yeah, I think Captain Marvel could beat him, as he was depicted in post crisis DC.  Recall that Orion seemingly killed him, and while DS decided to throw the fight, it was believable to everyone who knew their abilities that Orion would beat him.

So yeah, I think Superman, Captain Marvel, or Orion could beat DS.  Might not be the favorite, but...

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