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Subj: Re: Superman vs Thor: Comparison
Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 at 04:09:05 pm EST (Viewed 260 times)
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      You still are NOT getting it. My opinion or yours as fans does not matter in the least in the Final Analysis, but the politics and interests involved that concerns these people who writes these comics. If Superman is the Flagship of DC THEY WILL NEVER allow him to loose to a character that is almost as popular as he is; never mind one that is not as popular- as Thor was in that JLA/Avengers crossover. If I'm running DC, I will not allow Superman to look bad (regardless if I'M a big Thor supporter), because the huge Financial interest that Superman represents to DC. When I posted this exact words on the Avengers Board (a few months prior to the JLA/Avengers crossover) I was banned!!! This order probably came from the Administrator of Alvaros' Message Board directed to the Moderator, because most probably Kurt Busiek complaint about it. If people came to the same LOGICAL realization that I came to, it would probably mean that the results was a foregone conclusion long before it even took place. For there's no way that Kurt Busiek could be fair and just about who would win of the two; regardless if he really wanted to, because DC would never HUMILIATE their so-called Flagship. Busiek was going on and on pretending that he was going to be fair about the whole thing. In fact, one time a female Thor fan (Thor girl) defended Busiek and said that he was just and would treat Thor with respect, and asked Busiek if in fact that this was going to be the case, and he NEVER responded to her. My only concern was, how will Thor loose. If Busiek would create some external circumstances that would allow Superman to win. However, we Know, at the time, how Busiek felt about Superman, and especially about Thor, and Thor's fans.

    Well, that was quite an educational rant. I get it, everybody is against Thor.

It would seem that way. I mean, the fact that the producers of the Hulk vs DVD were literally laughing at Thor, and portraying Sif as a more powerful foe than Thor. The fact that Thor's classical powers are basically non existent in the movies (even Ultimate Thor had Spatial capabilities and could create huge Storms, etc.; while the likes of Supes, and others are correctly portrayed. The fact that Thor is no longer Thor, and a Nurse is carrying his hammer and his name.. Can I just think for a second if they have something against Thor? It does not take one freaking neuron to notice that there's something seriously going on with Thor (I called it Political Correctness craziness). However, I don't think someone like you gives a darn if the evidence is overwhelming, or not, because you want your (protected) Hero to be NO.1. I think many Supes fans are just Spoiled...


      Here's what would REALLY happen if Thor were to go against Superman. The fact of the matter that Superman is vulnerable to magic and Thor has a Sky-Lord's weapon in Mjolnir, it would probably take just one hit to severely damage Superman- for Thor's magic is Ultra powerful. So powerful that Thor hurt Galactus (a being that's been hit by multiple blasts that could erased continents w/o feeling any effect). Could, by Logic, Superman just blocked Thor's hammer w/o feeling ANYTHING at all? Even with the added vast Mystical component inherited in Mjolnir? Not only did Busiek humiliated Thor by completely Nullifying Mjolnir's power and Thor's strength behind it- he also humiliated Odin as well. This means that Superman could blocked attacks by Sky-lords, but that he's even more invulnerable than Galactus (who if you accurately judge the two in terms of power levels- Superman is nothing more than an insect in comparison). In fact, Superman is in a clear disadvantage if he were to go against Captain Marvel and Black Adam- that is if you take Politics aside.

    And Superman has punched through Soulfire Darkseid who shrugged off the attacks from The Source itself.

The writers would do ANYTHING to protect their investment. If Supes is going to simply collapse every time someone with Magic touches him- I don't think that he will be that popular any longer.

    So Superman should just punch through Thor with one attack, right?


      Now, you mentioned that if I was bitter about the whole Thor thing with Jane Foster? The answer is no, but I'm very frustrated by the whole process that would take away abilities, name recognition, etc. from certain characters and give to others. For instance, Iron Man creating Ultron, when Ant Man did. When Vision (in recent Avengers Civil War animation) absorbed Thor's lightning bolts and send it back to him; when Thor IS THE ONE that has this capability and not the other way around. In conclusion, they do as they want to, and you or me can't say or do nothing whatsoever about it-as far as they're concern. Heck, Busiek said this once in the Thor MB, that they are not obligated to respond to ANY fan query- that they do this practically out of charity! I guess they don't think much of us fans!!! LOL!!!

    Its alright. Thor will get his due soon. Maybe in next twenty years when another crossover happens and Superman beat him again!

Well, that depends of who is in charge in the future. Maybe, Marvel buys out DC, and we will get a better match up with a lot less bias...

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