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Subj: Re: Professor/Merged Hulk was indeed stronger at base
Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 at 12:09:04 am EST (Viewed 334 times)
Reply Subj: Professor/Merged Hulk was indeed stronger at base
Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 at 10:44:46 pm EST (Viewed 13 times)

    but for much of his continuity was saddled with Savage Banner, and even when not, he didn't seem to have anywhere near the level of dynamic strength of Savage.

That's not true, he was struggling with Savage Banner hindrance for last year of his publication.

    He did still stalemate guys like Dumb Drax, but was also in danger of being beaten a LOT more, and actually was killed by Storm and Cable. Savage had a much better track record overall.

Storm and Cable attacked his brain. Savage Hulk has been beaten by far less.

Merged Hulk explicitly said he was stronger facing Glob whom Savage could never defeat cleanly and was speculated to be stronger than savage hulk.

Savage Hulk vs Glob, from Incredible Hulk #121:

Savage Hulk vs Glob rematch, from Incredible Hulk #129:

Professor Hulk vs Glob, from Incredible Hulk #389:

    Gravage seemingly has the higher base and higher dynamic strength capability.

Not true at all.

    as far as the stalemate between Superman and Hulk goes, the story was indeed a retrospective, but no mention made of 'powerups' or anything else, indications were that Superman and Hulk were evenly matched.

It was of course mentioned that Superman was in his first year of career an Hulk was too.

And Roger Stern has explicitly written Superman getting stronger as the years go by.

    As far as Cap vs. Superman, Cap does have a KO against him, albeit a sucker punch. I would pick Supes against Cap too, but not because he's more powerful, but because he's mentally tougher...think Rocky Balboa type win.

Superman has almost killed him in the only fight to finish and Cap was hospitalized.

So no, its because he IS tougher.

    As to the Thor vs. Cap fight, everyone seemed reluctant, and the Ferris Wheel, silly as it sounds, was going to be enough to win it. Cap would have lost then and there according to the text if he didn't transform to Billy the lightning manipulation never would have been a factor if he hadn't figured out a way to use lightning manipulation to prolong the yeah, Cap WAS defeated in a straight fight, and reacted to try to prolong it.

Because he was in fear of getting pinned just like Namor. Not that Thor knocked him out.

Its entirely by lightning manipulation. Not a straight fight.

    I have to check, but I don't recall Cap saying he wasn't giving it his all, but then, Thor also said he had taken Superman's measure, so....

Except Cap wasn't beaten in a straight fight.

    Actually, newb Erik Masterson Thor took down Gladiator and flat out matched him in a test of strength. Gladiator also noted that since Thor was aware and on guard, he was too strong to take out.

After Gladiator was stunned by a sucker shot and had defeated Mastesron and was standing there gloating at him. Just look at how Gladiator choked out Jane Thor recently.

    And yes, Thor has repeatedly stalemated the Hulk...reportedly holding back in fighting the Professor Hulk in Hel, repeatedly against Savage Hulk, and a few fights against Gravage versions...

Using Mjolnir only. Savage beat him to a pulp without it.

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