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Subj: Re: umm...yeah really
Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 at 12:13:23 am EST (Viewed 185 times)
Reply Subj: umm...yeah really
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    Gladiator has moved planets
    Classic smart drax (before the dumbness and increased strength) shattered a planet

Gladiator hasn't moved any planet.

Planetoids only.

    In his fight with Stardust, Beta Ray Bill and Stardust were smashing planetoids

Yes and?

    Hulk has even more impressive feats

I'm sure he does.

    Even in the late 2000's, Hercules had at least one arguably multi planetary feat

No, he didn't.

    There's a LONG list over the course of their entire DC those are primarily pre crisis (though I have heard of some since the new 52 as well)

Should I list Superman's strength feats now?