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Subj: Re: Professor/Merged Hulk was indeed stronger at base
Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 at 09:03:06 am EST (Viewed 242 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Professor/Merged Hulk was indeed stronger at base
Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 at 12:09:04 am EST (Viewed 320 times)

    Storm and Cable attacked his brain. Savage Hulk has been beaten by far less.

So has Superman:

    Merged Hulk explicitly said he was stronger facing Glob whom Savage could never defeat cleanly and was speculated to be stronger than savage hulk.

Merged Hulk was stronger than Savage at base, but Savage could ramp up his strength much faster than Merged. You want to think that one fight means everything. It doesn't work that way. Hulk had always had trouble with Bi-Beast up to the time that Thor fought Bi-Beast. The moment Thor stopped holding back, he beat Bi-Beast pretty easily in pure melee. Does that mean Thor is much stronger than Hulk? It would by your logic.


      Braugi: Gravage seemingly has the higher base and higher dynamic strength capability.

    Not true at all.

If you believe that, you haven't been reading Hulk. Greg Pak, the biggest Hulk fanboy writer ever, wrote the Gravage Hulk and most of Hulk's high-end feats and victories come from under Pak.

    And Roger Stern has explicitly written Superman getting stronger as the years go by.

Hulk has also gotten stronger as the years go by.

    Superman has almost killed him in the only fight to finish and Cap was hospitalized.

You fail to take context into account. Superman was possessed by Eclipso. He wasn't holding back. Billy was.

    Because he was in fear of getting pinned just like Namor. Not that Thor knocked him out.

Thor and Captain Marvel fought under the same rules. Captain Marvel lost under those rules.

    Its entirely by lightning manipulation. Not a straight fight.

Thor's control of lightning is part of his power set. It's completely fair for Thor to use lightning manipulation.

    Except Cap wasn't beaten in a straight fight.

He was beaten fair and square.


      Actually, newb Erik Masterson Thor took down Gladiator and flat out matched him in a test of strength. Gladiator also noted that since Thor was aware and on guard, he was too strong to take out.

    After Gladiator was stunned by a sucker shot and had defeated Mastesron and was standing there gloating at him. Just look at how Gladiator choked out Jane Thor recently.

Thor's test of strength with Gladiator was before Living Lightning's attack. Once Thor was ready for Gladiator and stopped holding back, Thor beat him, and Gladiator said Thor was too strong for him. You can't get any clearer than that. Jane Thor had never met Gladiator before and doesn't have the real Thor's fighting skills. Even then, I have a feeling the rematch is going to turn out differently.


      And yes, Thor has repeatedly stalemated the Hulk...reportedly holding back in fighting the Professor Hulk in Hel, repeatedly against Savage Hulk, and a few fights against Gravage versions...

    Using Mjolnir only. Savage beat him to a pulp without it.

First, Mjolnir is part of Thor's power set so there should be no qualification regarding whether Thor uses it or not. Second, Thor has fought Hulk three times without Mjolnir. The first two times were complete stalemates. The third, Thor was mopping up Hulk with Mjolnir so that Hulk had to take a hostage to get Thor to toss Mjolnir aside. Hulk was gradually starting to win against a hammerless Thor, but he certainly wasn't beating him to a pulp. Thor even stated he was relishing the fight, and when Mjolnir came back to him, he offered to throw it away again. You are demonstrating how desperate you are to twist the comics to fit your own conclusions however.

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