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      We actually don't see the fight between the Source and Darkseid. We see them start to fight and we see the result so we don't know whether the Source shattered Darkseid ten times and Darkseid just reformed each time. The fact of the matter is that Superman's attack didn't even harm Darkseid. He casually reformed then one-shot ko'd Superman.

    What are you talking about? We directly see them fight and Darkseid won without being shattered even once.

You posted the scans yourself (of course I have the comic at home). We see Darkseid and the Source start to clash, there's a big ball of light, and then we see Darkseid having captured the Source. We don't see the meat of the fight at all.

    That's a funny way to handwave a feat. What being shattered isn't getting harmed?

Not for some nigh omnipotent beings. Thor threw the Odinsword through the Celestial Arishem's chest. For most beings, that would be harm in the extreme. It didn't harm Arishem and he pulled it out like nothing happened. That's the same thing that happens in your two examples with soulfire Darkseid and Emperor Joker. Superman's feat isn't a big deal, and then Darkseid and Joker mop the floor with Superman right after. Compare that to Thor fighting another nigh omnipotent in Galactus and driving him away. Thor won. Superman lost and lost easily.



        Darkseid one-shotting Superman is more impressive than Thor driving off Galactus?

    No, Superman oneshot shattering Darkseid is far more impressive.

Again, Thor won. Superman lost and lost easily. Winning is more impressive than losing.

    That's just amusing to see from a Thor fanboy and Thor fanatic message board.

This is the battleboard, and clearly you're much more of a Superman fanboy than I am a Thor fanboy.


      Frankly, you're embarrassing yourself. You're also showing you don't know much about Silver Age Galactus. The concept of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Galactus was "The Fantastic Four fight God," and Galactus is the influential template for nearly every nigh omnipotent cosmic entity since.

    Considering Stan Lee's watcher and Odin were as powerful as Galactus, I don't really share his opinion.

Neither Odin nor the Watcher ever had a direct contest of power with Galactus under Stan Lee so your statement is unmerited. Furthermore, you just look foolish saying you know more about Galactus than Stan Lee, the creator of Galactus.

    Did Thor defeat God himself then?

Pretty much, but then Thor is a god himself.


      That says nothing about Joker's physical durability. The fact that he was unharmed by Superman's attack indicates the Joker doesn't have to care about his physical durability. He can't be killed that way.

    That's one way to handwave the feat. At that level power is the only thing that matters.

    Nobody asks if Beyonder powered Doom is physically durable, do they?

Power doesn't necessarily equate to physical durability. Asking how physically durable Beyonder Doom is perfectly legitimate, but if he can reform after any damage, then physical durability isn't necessarily meaningful for him, which is the case for soulfire Darkseid and Emperor Joker as well. They may well be able to increase their physical durability to some nigh infinite level, but that doesn't mean they walk around that way.

Of course you just leave off what eventually happened...

    Galactus only beat Ego by using asteroids. Otherwise Ego was beating his ass.

Galactus can draw in asteroids into the fight if he wants. That's completely fair. It's part of his power set. It was a pretty even fight at first, but ultimately Galactus won. That's indisputable.




          How about punching out multiversal Death itself?

      You mean Brainiac. Dressing him up in a fancy name is just another misrepresentation on your part.

    Nah, actual embodiment of Death.

DC has an embodiment of Death and she doesn't look like mutated Brainiac. So you're wrong. Also, Brainiac's durability is not ascertained in the story so the measure of the feat is indeterminate.

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