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Subj: Re: Superman vs Thor: Comparison
Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 at 01:06:46 pm EST (Viewed 7 times)
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I'll have to check if Thor used the lightning. Whether he did or not isn't really crucial to the point I was trying to make. The point I was making was that they are clearly close peers. This is evidenced by Superman's comments on the matter, as well as Superman's physical state after their fight. Based on this, and based on other factors about their powersets and weaknesses, my point was that a fight could go either way. Of course Superman could beat Thor. It doesn't mean he would every time, nor does the fight definitely prove one was more powerful than the other, as the full scope of their powersets (from both sides) weren't used.

Regarding my "handwaving" of a "clear cut statement" - what exactly about it is clear cut? Or more clear cut than Superman absolutely being in awe of Thor's power after grabbing Mjolnir? Let's look at the definition of the word "perhaps"

1) used to express uncertainty or possibility.
synonyms: maybe, for all one knows, it could be, it may be, it's possible, possibly, conceivably;
2) More used when one does not wish to be too definite or assertive in the expression of an opinion.
"perhaps not surprisingly, he was cautious about committing himself"
3) used when making a polite request, offer, or suggestion.
"would you perhaps consent to act as our guide?"

Silver Surfer and Superman met in a crossover. From that it seemed Superman was in awe of Silver Surfer. I could say something like "Perhaps Silver Surfer is more powerful than Superman".

That doesn't mean that I am sure that's the case. And when you dig into it, and realize that I am basing my opinion on something that is not quantitative, not definitive, all of a sudden my opinion loses weight. That's what's happening here. We have some one-off comments prefaced by an admission of uncertainty and you are using it to prop up your point.

Also, I think I may understand kind of how you are deriving your opinion here. We have the JLA vs. Avengers fight that Supes won. We have Reed's statement (which you put weight on even though I don't). So maybe you think when you take everything together the publishers are trending towards Superman > Thor? (I don't want to put words in your mouth). Like I said from the beginning, that's your prerogative.

But at the end of your original post, you said that this evidence puts Superman ahead of Thor by "quite a bit". Usually, when people read "quite a bit" they take it as meaning "by a lot".

I already explained my viewpoint on Reed's statement in my post above. The best indication we have on these two characters is their actual fight. My question is, how can Superman be ahead of Thor by "quite a bit" if in their fight, Superman was exhausted at the end of it and said that Thor was one of the toughest opponents he ever faced.

My take on the characters is this:
Superman has a better powerset when it comes to an actual physical fight. He has hard durability that few can match, incredible flash-like fighting speed, and energy projection.

Thor's godblast is one of, if not the most powerful attack for any hero in comics. It's taken down skyfather level characters. The godblast is tough to use in a fight. But regardless, his impressive array of EP and storm control, the teleportation allowed him by Mjolnir, the faster-than-light travel from Point A to B, and his more exotic powers may make him "more powerful", or at least more "diverse in his powers".

Then add his fighting powers, his god-like healing, and his defensive capabilities via Mjolnir.

All out, we don't have a more evenly matched fight in all of comics!!

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