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      During the battle, Thanos destroyed Thor's magic shield too. Thanos lost his power-up because Thor overcame powered-up Thanos and destroyed the Illumination Stone. It's still a clean victory.

    That's quite a mental gymnastic you are playing there. Thor was on his knees and had zero affect on Thanos while he had the stone.

The effect he had on Thanos was that he withstood power-up Thanos' offense, offense he had just used to destroy a whole planet, and then Thor destroyed the means of his offense. That is plenty of effect.

    Destroying the stone doesn't means its a clean victory. It means he destroyed his power source and then beat him up while still amped. Its utterly meaningless.

Only to you because you're so deluded you twist anything that doesn't support your point into something else. Powered-up Thor beat even more powered-up Thanos. It's as simple as that. I can't help it if you find that to be too much mental gymnastics. That speaks to your mental limitations.


      First, Thor's belt of strength is part of his power set that he can resort to if he wants.

    That's like saying sun dip is a part of Superman's power set. Its an external amp.

Nope. If Superman doesn't have access to a yellow star to dip in, he can't externally amp himself. Thor has shown he can open a dimensional portal, reach in, and grab his belt of strength whenever he wants. He owns the belt just like he owns Mjolnir. It's part of his power set that he can choose to tap into.


      Second, Thor was powered-up. Thanos was even more powered-up; that Thor destroyed Thanos power-up in the process of beating him does not make this an unclean victory in any way. Thanos was perfectly aware that Thor could destroy the Illumination Stone and even in his powered-up state, Thanos could not prevent Thor from doing so. That's a clean victory for Thor.

    That doesn't means Thanos who lost to Thor was powered up. Its like saying Captain Marvel defeated Thanos powered by cosmic cube who defeated even Eternity straight up when he destroyed the cosmic cube. Or Hawkeye defeated Krona

Captain Marvel did defeat Thanos with the cosmic cube straight up. It was Thanos' fault that he linked himself to the cube in a way that when the cube was shattered that it knocked him out. The difference is that Thanos wasn't taking Mar-Vell seriously and was toying with him by aging him when he could have snuffed him out with a thought. Thanos was taking Thor seriously and he still lost.

    And holy crap, you are like the most illogical Thor fanboy I've seen and that's saying a lot.

When people have to resort to outright ad hominem in a debate, that means they are losing.


      What Ifs are different in that they don't impact 616 and so authors don't have to worry about repercussions from What If stories. The events of The Reigning do impact 616 such that 616 Thor will never become The Reigning's King Thor so the Reigning events had to have happened.

    Of course they do. Quasar has actually journeyed to What If universes.

That's just an exception that proves the rule.

    Its an alternate reality dude, even handbooks say so.

Yes, it's an alternate reality, but one that stemmed directly from 616, the consequences of which directly impact 616 Thor to keep him from becoming The Reigning Thor.

    And an entire arc was devoted to show how J'onn was the most powerful being on earth. Its still not true for majority of the continuity.

Hey, you're the one who is cherry picking for Superman. You cherry pick only his highest end feats and then pretend like he's that way all the time. Wrong.

    That's losing on technicality. Not getting beaten up by a superior opponent like Superman beating Cap to near death and hospitalizing him in the process.

Again, you take things out of context. Captain Marvel didn't want to hurt Superman whereas Eclipso Superman very much wanted to hurt Captain Marvel. Thor and Captain Marvel were fighting based on the same rules. Thor won.

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