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Subj: Re: More scans that debunk you
Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 at 11:26:40 pm EST (Viewed 237 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Professor/Merged Hulk was indeed stronger at base
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    But most of his low showings happened when he was explicitly at a lower power level.

    In the Dr. Light showing he was explicitly weakened by Vixen sharing his powers.

Wrong. He was sharing his powers with Vixen an issue earlier, but a whole issue passes during which Vixen is held captive by the Injustice League before Superman comes busting in and gets one-shot by Dr. Light. Superman and Black Lightning strategize attacking the Injustice League at length beforehand. If Superman were weakened, he would factor that into his planning unless he is a complete idiot. He doesn't and never mentions it. Nothing in the issue implies or mentions anything to that effect.

    And Thor has been koed by a bullet to the head, I've still to find a low showing THAT low for Superman.

A special bullet. Normal bullets don't affect Thor:

Even fighter jets which usually have armor piercing rounds don't hurt Thor:

    And Superman has fought abstracts like Thor fights skyfathers. There is a huge difference in the showings.

Yes. Thor beat Galactus and Glory. Superman lost to Darkseid and Joker.


      Merged Hulk was stronger than Savage at base, but Savage could ramp up his strength much faster than Merged. You want to think that one fight means everything. It doesn't work that way. Hulk had always had trouble with Bi-Beast up to the time that Thor fought Bi-Beast. The moment Thor stopped holding back, he beat Bi-Beast pretty easily in pure melee. Does that mean Thor is much stronger than Hulk? It would by your logic.

    Is there any evidence to support that savage hulk grew in strength better than merged Hulk?


    And Thor defeated Bi-Beast using mjolnir. Not exactly by punching him out.

Thor hitting Bi-Beast with Mjolnir and knocked him the eff out is the equivalent of punching him out. As soon as Thor stops holding back, he knocks Bi-Beast out with one shot:


      If you believe that, you haven't been reading Hulk. Greg Pak, the biggest Hulk fanboy writer ever, wrote the Gravage Hulk and most of Hulk's high-end feats and victories come from under Pak.

    I'm talking about before Pak's run.

So basically, you just pick and choose what counts for you, which is what we've seen throughout this entire thread. The rest of us like to take everything into account.


      You fail to take context into account. Superman was possessed by Eclipso. He wasn't holding back. Billy was.

    That's exactly opposite of what happened. Billy said in the middle of the fight that he is going to rough up Superman too.

You are so completely making up crap. Here we see Billy say, "You're making this hard, Supes. I don't want to hurt you or anything." That's exactly the opposite of what you just said:


      Thor's test of strength with Gladiator was before Living Lightning's attack.

    Which was cut short as the ground gave away. Even weaker characters can lock up in a strength contest for a brief time.

There you go twisting things again. The narration clearly indicates they are evenly matched, "Terrible, irresistible strength struggles against unrelenting, immovable muscle! A power born of the stars opposes an immortal force," and calls it a "titanic duel." Of course your interpretation totally belies that.


      Once Thor was ready for Gladiator and stopped holding back, Thor beat him, and Gladiator said Thor was too strong for him.

    By using mjolnir and energy blasts. Gladiator proved stronger than him in a fight though.

We already saw they were evenly matched in strength in a direct test of strength. And now we see that Thor is overall superior to Gladiator.

    What you feel is totally irrelevant. Getting choked out has nothing to do with skills.

Then you've never seen an MMA fight where getting choked or not getting choked out is all about skills.

    And Thor straight up said that he could never beat the hulk in Fear Itself. Like Hulk says "Puny god".

Geez, he was being sarcastic! After Hulk agreed, Thor said, "Did you now," and then knocked him into orbit.

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