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Subj: Re: Lets face facts with scans
Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 at 09:38:12 pm EST (Viewed 246 times)
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    Thor merely destroyed the stone, He had zero effect on Thanos himself.

Tell that to a Thanos pummeled within an inch of his life.

    Powered up Thor defeated Thanos after he lost his power up. Not before that.

Except Thanos didn't just mysteriously lose his power up. Thor destroyed it during direct combat with a powered-up Thanos who could not prevent Thor from doing so.


      Nope. If Superman doesn't have access to a yellow star to dip in, he can't externally amp himself. Thor has shown he can open a dimensional portal, reach in, and grab his belt of strength whenever he wants. He owns the belt just like he owns Mjolnir. It's part of his power set that he can choose to tap into.

    And Superman has shown he can take a sun dip anytime he want.

Nonsense. If there's not a yellow star nearby, he can't.

    And no, its not part of his power set. Its an external plot device which AMPS him. I can't believe someone is arguing that Thor being twice as strong isn't an outside amp.

It's not an outside amp because it's Thor's belt of strength and only Thor's. The belt is no more an outside amp than Mjolnir is.

    Heh, so Captain Marvel is more powerful than Eternity? What about Hawkeye and Krona?

Your interpretation and extrapolation skills leave a lot to be desired.



        And holy crap, you are like the most illogical Thor fanboy I've seen and that's saying a lot.

      When people have to resort to outright ad hominem in a debate, that means they are losing.

    Haha, oh the irony. You are the one who keeps saying Thor destroying the stone means he beat Thanos straight up.

Apparently you don't understand what ad hominem means.

    Up until Thor 78 it was a possible future of Earth 616, when King Thor changed the past it became an entirely different reality.

I already stated it is an alternate reality. What you don't get is that it is something that happened to 616 Thor, became an alternate reality, but nevertheless remained in 616 Thor's experience and so actually had to happen and so evidence from what happened counts.


      Hey, you're the one who is cherry picking for Superman. You cherry pick only his highest end feats and then pretend like he's that way all the time. Wrong.

    I'm talking about the averages of both characters. Superman's average is significantly higher than Thor's.

Only when you cherry pick.



        Again, you take things out of context. Captain Marvel didn't want to hurt Superman whereas Eclipso Superman very much wanted to hurt Captain Marvel. Thor and Captain Marvel were fighting based on the same rules. Thor won.

    Wrong again. I suggest you read the comic again if you can actually read that is.

    No, Cap lost by his own mistake. There is a difference.

Captain Marvel didn't even lose.

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